10 Reasons Why You Should Start Practicing Yoga

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Practicing

Yoga is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that originated from Ancient India. Originally a form of meditation, yoga made its way to the western public in the 19th century. From there, its popularity among its western audience began to bloom until it became among the most popular low-impact workouts that are being practiced. However, yoga didn’t just become popular because of its gentle approach to staying fit; it has also been found to be accompanied by a lot of health benefits. Below are ten reasons why you should pick up an exercise mat and start practicing yoga today:


Practicing yoga improves flexibilty

You will get the impression of finding most yoga poses hard to do during your first couple of sessions. In fact, many people can’t even touch their toes, let alone do a back bend during the beginning. However, as you keep on practicing yoga, your flexibility slowly improves. Soon enough, you will notice gradual looseing and all the aches from doing what seemed like really hard poses will go away.


Practicing yoga improves blood circulation

Doing yoga keeps your blood flowing, helping in the improvement of your blood circulation. This relaxing, low-impact exercise delivers more oxygen to your blood cells, and boosts your levels of hemoglobin. Practicing yoga can also help in thinning the blood, decreasig your risks of heart attack and other cardiovascular ailments.


Practicing yoga uplifts your mood

Feeling sad? Go ahead and do some yoga. Studies show that regular practice of yoga eases the mind and decreases the risk of depression, as it increases the body’s serotonin levels and decereases cortisol.


Practing yoga improves posture

As yoga improves one’s flexibility, it simultaneously enhances one’s posture as well. People suffering from back and hip pain can also find comfort and improvement by doing yoga.


Practicing yoga improves the quality of sleep

Our day jobs can mostly be tiring and stressful which can lead to poor quality of sleep when it’s time to rest. Doing yoga helps a lot in helping the body relax, gets the blood flowing, and turning inward of the senses which soothes the nervous system, allowing you to sleep deeper and better.


Practicing yoga boosts the body’s immune system

Certain yoga poses massages the body’s internal organs and strengthens the muscles, while breathing techniques and meditation help release stress. Combined, these techniques are essential in improving the body’s immunity, keeping all sorts of colds and flu at bay.


Practicing yoga improves bone health

It is well known that weight-bearing exercises strengthens bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Many yoga potures require one to lift his own weight. Additionally, yoga reduces the stress hormone cortisol, and as a result, keeps ample amounts of calcium in the bones.


Practicing yoga improves intution

Meditation is believed to have the ability to improve one’s intuition. Doing so with yoga encourages one’s mind to think better, stay focused, and spontaneously yield positive results.


 Practicing yoga may aid well in weight-loss

While yoga is a type of low-impact workout, it is also proven to have a significant effect on weight loss. Sun salutation, a form of yoga that is best done early in the morning on an empty stomach, help in cutting off excess weight. Additionally, by regularly practicing yoga, your mind becomes more conscious when it comes to the food you  eat, and as a result, keeps your weight on check.


Practing yoga improves digestion

As mentioned earlier, certain yoga postures massages the internal organs which aids in healthier digestion. Postures that require twists, specifically, gets the job done in terms of keeping the digestive track healthy.

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