10 Secrets about Weight Loss That Nobody Will Tell You

10 Secrets about Weight Loss That Nobody Will Tell You

Weight loss is not always the easiest challenge. Some seem to do it better than others, so what makes the difference? What do some people know about losing weight? If you are wondering why your diet isn’t working or why are you not succeeding in losing weight, perhaps some of these secrets about weight loss are not known by you yet. Well, pros are not willing to share these secrets, as it may affect their business, but we found them out and will tell you all about them. Thus, keep reading, as you are about to find out 10 of the most valued secrets about weight loss that no one are willing enough to share.

workout sessions1. Be careful about how you start your workout sessions

If you didn’t know that it counts how you start working out, you should know this now and adjust the situation. There are some states in which you should not train at the gym because your organism won’t be in the right state to offer the wished results. So, you should never start a physical training session on an empty stomach. If your body doesn’t have enough fuel to work, you will waste your time. Also, do not start working out after a cold or stomach bug. If you are sick, your performances will be low and you will not do the training session properly. And you should never train after just a few hours of sleep. Eating and sleeping well are a must if you want to be healthy and train well.

2. Intervals are doing wonders for your metabolism

Believe it or not, training in short but intense intervals can do more for losing weight than a long but constant training session. Intervals will boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories than in any other form of training. So, for examples, opt for 20 minutes of sprint cycling, then 40 minutes of steady regular cycling. You will end up burning twice the number of calories if you choose to sprint.

3. When you feel like you can’t go on anymore, just imagine having a trainer right at your side

If you cannot afford a trainer, you will have to picture one standing right there, encouraging you and screaming at you that you can. Self-encouragements work as well as having a personal coach, so the image of someone cheering for you will work in those moments when you feel like giving up. Losing weight is not an easy path to walk, so don’t forget to praise yourself for every goal achieved.

4. You can make it at the drive thru if you are careful

Are you having an outing with your friends and they want to stop at the drive-thru to grab something to eat? Before panicking, you should know that there is a way to enjoy some food without putting your diet in danger. Make sure to avoid any food option that contains the work “crispy”, because that means deep-fry. Also, there should be no mayonnaise-based sauces in your food. You can replace it with mustard or no-fat dressings. So, as you can see, there are alternatives.

5. Drinking water is an efficient way to avoid afternoon power breaks

Drink water during exerciseThere are moments in the afternoon when hunger starts to kick in. This is because you enjoyed a light lunch, because you are slightly dehydrated, or the late morning coffee drained the energy out of you. Before going to the cafeteria or start looking through the fridge for something to eat, grab a large glass of water and drink it. Not only will it refresh and hydrate you, by fluidizing your blood and making you feel better, but will also make your stomach full.

6. Keep in mind that some food may get your brain excited

Did you ever wonder why you feel more attracted to certain foods, like cookies, chocolate, or ice-cream? Scientific studies proved that some foods become a sort of drug for our brain. Of course, they will never be as severe as in the case of real drugs, but, at the sight of a cookie, for instance, you may feel an attraction that is hard to resist. So stay focused on your goal and try having a sweet treat that is healthier instead.

7. A bad sleeping schedule is getting you fat

bad sleeping scheduleEven if it may be hard to believe, but not having sufficient sleep will turn your hormones upside down. And that will mean that you will easily gain weight. When we don’t sleep enough too long periods, our level of leptin drops, which is the hormone that makes us feel full. On the other hand, the levels of ghrelin rises, which is the hormone that makes us feel hungry. So even if we have a weight that is above average, the lack of sleep will make us constantly hungry.

8. Your weight may also be genetic

It is true that some people carry around genes that are making them more prone to gaining fat. Also, the way your body looks could also be influenced by the fact that your mother ate fatty and sugary foods while being pregnant. Of course, there is no use putting the blame on her. You will just have to be really determined to change your destiny about weight loss.

9. Be careful at ear infections

Now ear infections may be something that you never thought of being related to gaining weight. Well, scientists found out that ear infections can affect a taste nerve that is passing through the middle ear. So, this is a plausible explanation why you tend to eat more sweets or fatty foods because your taste thresholds were damaged.

10. Be the helping hand at all dinners

Are you gathering with your friends and family for dinner? These events always make you feel bad about not being able to eat from all those goodies. Not to mention that you have a few “helping” family members or friends that tell you a little cheating won’t hurt your weight loss. Well, your work is not worth the risk! Thus, be the helping hand at dinners and help serve people and clean the table. This way, you will spend less time eating and you will still be a big part of the dinner.


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