Monthly Archive: August 2016

[REVIEW] Increase Metabolism with Phen24

phen24 bottles

Is there a way to increase metabolism with Phen24? Can Phen24 increase metabolism? For sure, many people out there wanted to achieve a slimmer body figure. However, it is also a known fact that not all people are capable of going to the gym due to their busy schedule. In addition to that, not all people are willing to lessen their food intake or avoid eating fatty foods. Hence, we are looking for something that would allow us to achieve our…
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Why Getting More Sleep Will Help You Lose Weight

More sleep will help you lose weight

Why Getting More Sleep Will Help You Lose Weight This is a guest post by Jonas Salzgeber. A more detailed version of the post has previously been published on his personal blog. Yes, there is actually a connection between the quantity (and quality) of your sleep to your weight. So if you’ve been trying to lose weight with different diets and workouts but haven’t been successful, then the secret sauce might be sleep. If you get less than 7 hours…
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[REVIEW] NUYU Superfood

Nuyu Superfood

Make your body alkaline with NUYU Superfood If you are interested about health and well-being, dieting and the things you can do to stay fit, you probably heard about the alkalinity and acidity of human body. I came across such information when I started looking info about how I can eat healthier, for a fitter appearance and better health. I found out that some foods we eat, quite a significant part of them, create an acidic environment in our body….
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