5 Foolproof Ways To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

5 Foolproof Ways To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Now that Christmas and New Year’s are just around the corner, many of us will find this an ideal time to unwind and just enjoy the holiday atmosphere. I’m sure we’ve all heard about the dreadful ‘winter layer’ [of fat] that is almost impossible to avoid – after all, who can say no to eggnogs and all the calorie-packed festive meals that this season has to offer? It sounds difficult, impossible even, but don’t you worry – you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice all that year’s worth of hard work in the gym nor deprive yourself of all the holiday good stuff. Here are 5 foolproof ways to stay healthy during the holidays!

Take advantage of holiday breaks

With the holidays come long breaks, which means most of us get a few days (or a couple of weeks) off of work. Take advantage of these days by using them to double or triple your workouts. If you’ve only been hitting the gym four times a week, make it five, or six, during your break. You don’t have to spend all your time off in the gym, but at least a lot a little extra to keep up with your fitness goals.

Holiday fitness tip: Find a workout buddy – your mom, a sibling, or even your dog! Make working out extra fun while spending time with your loved one during the holidays!

Go Out And Get Active

With the chilly bed weather, I know many people will opt just to stay inside, tuck themselves comfy in blankets, and indulge on cups of hot cocoa. Beat that lazy Christmas tradition by going out and stay active by doing fun outdoor activities like snowboarding, hiking, or even building snowmen and igloos!

Holiday fitness tip: Make it even more exciting by planning out holiday trips out of town that will require your peers to stay active, like skiing and other outdoor winter activities!

Hit the mall and do your Christmas shopping

Yes, you read that right – hit the mall! Lace up your trainers and do some Christmas shopping! Not only are you able run errands and fulfill your Christmas list, but you are also able to burn calories at the same time!

Holiday fitness tip: Since you’re already at the mall, why not treat yourself by buying new workout clothes that will help stay even more motivated in your workouts even after the holidays?

About to attend a holiday party? Munch on healthy snacks first before leaving!

Holiday parties are fun and festive – but there is no doubt that attending them may lead to excessive calorie consumption. These parties usually take hours before the guests actually start to eat, and postponing hunger will only cost you to eat more than you normally would. Avoid this by snacking on something healthy before you leave for the party – this way you won’t get hunger pangs and lessen your chances of mindlessly eating on whatever’s served on the table.

Holiday fitness tip: Cranberry Tuna salad on apple slices will always give your taste buds that savory festive flavors without being loaded with empty calories.

Always choose real, whole foods

Preparing for a festive dinner? Make sure your menu only has meals made from whole foods in it! When grocery shopping, opt for organic, healthier choices. Ditch the prepackaged, instant stuff as these often contain high amounts of sodium, sugar, and refined carbs that are obviously a big no-no if you are trying to eat clean and healthy.

Holiday fitness tip: Healthy doesn’t have to be boring – look up healthy Christmas recipes, get creative and add your own holiday spin to your dishes.


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