5 reasons why going vegan is good for you

5 reasons why going vegan is going to keep you away from health problems

why going vegan is good fresh vegetables fruitsFirst of all, you should know that most health issues people face today are closely related to what they eat. Yes, we are what we eat, and food can get us into a lot of troubles, physically speaking. For instance, fast food restaurants rampaged in number, luring people in with their mirage of offering delicious food in no time, taking advantage of their busy schedules. It is very convenient to have a good portion of food at a very accessible price, without having to spend hours, which most of us don’t have, in the kitchen. But there are healthier alternatives, even if you are a busy person. The vegan diet is incredibly flexible and will make sure that your health will go strong. Here are five reasons why going vegan is good for you and why you should turn vegan, to keep your organism away from illnesses.

1.  It keeps cancer away

Very many foods we eat can lead to a form of cancer eventually. Fried meat and other foods, preservatives, artificial flavoring and coloring, stabilizers, and many other chemicals that are proven to add up inside our organs and turn into this vicious form of illness. And unfortunately, no matter how tasty meat is, through high-temperature cooking, some carcinogenic compounds will develop in its structure, being passed to us. Many studies showed that people who give up eating meat are much less exposed to developing cancer during their lives. It is because these compounds are not present in their diet. Also, animal fat is usually filled with hormones, which add to the current levels of hormones in our body, making us susceptible to hormone-related cancer. On the contrary, a vegetarian diet has not such things, being rich in fibers and safe nutrients. And the best way to ensure that you get the best nutrition is to visit the farmer’s market. Here, you will find products that are grown and harvested using old and natural methods, without the use of any chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. The vegan diet offers you the chance to enjoy clean food, providing your body the nutrition it needs.

2.  Your body weight will be balanced

Vegetables are low in calories and rich in fibers, meaning that you will have an excellent digestion and will not have on what to make fat deposits. A vegetarian diet is filled with minerals and vitamins, there are protein substitutes in the vegetal world as well, and you can use nuts and seeds for a balanced intake of healthy fats. Everything you enjoy in a regular diet can be found in the vegan diet as well, but much healthier. And besides being healthy, vegans are always thinner than the rest, and the rate of obesity among vegans is at most 6% in the worst cases, being a negligible figure. The best part about being a vegan is that once you lost weight, it will be easier to maintain your new gained silhouette.

3.  You’ll live longer

There are many fruits and vegetables that have high amounts of anti-oxidants. And we all know that these compounds are essential in keeping aging and damaging processes away. Phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins, are other high-quality components of a vegan diet, supporting cell renewal and healing processes. Medical studies discovered that on average, a vegetarian lives six years longer than someone that consumes meat on a regular basis. Why? All the previously mentioned components present in all vegetal foods are always working on strengthening the immune system and fights off cell damaging. So you will not only look better, but you will also feel better, even at a more advanced age. Not to mention that the fibers found in this diet will make sure to clean your digestive system and wash out all toxins.

4.  Your diet will contain safer foods

As you may know, already, animal farms use growth hormones to make their animals grow and get fatter faster, so they can have a bigger production faster. Either they inject these hormones, or they put them in the animal’s food, the point is that in certain quantities, these hormones can mean health problems for us. Also, highly processed foods contain so many chemicals, which it is even hard to keep track of them. It is enough to try and read the label of any product you find on store shelves, to realize that you don’t know many of the so-called ingredients. And if the animals on a farm are treated with antibiotics, they will also be found in your food. Pesticides and herbicides are there as well since they can be found in the foods offered to the animals. Not to mention the high risk of getting viruses and parasites, like salmonella and trichinella. It is way simpler and healthier to go on a vegetarian diet since it will not have such risks.

5.  Your heart will be protected

Besides cancer, heart conditions are also an important life threat to very many people. And what we eat will contribute, in one way or another, to the well-being of our heart and circulatory system. It is futile to say that cholesterol and sugars are the worst enemies of our heart. And they both can be found in plentiful quantities and junk food and processed foods. A vegetarian diet will not have these components, only in insignificant amounts. Veggies are naturally low in saturated fats and cholesterol, having other nutrients, like fibers, be more predominant. Vegetarians are kept at a safe distance from heart diseases and heart-related deaths with 24% more than meat eaters. Even if it sounds like an impossible task, but some patients that were suffering from coronary heart disease managed to reverse the illness after going on a vegan diet. This is an incredible achievement since the risks for this disease to become a fatal one decrease dramatically. Also, it appears that the consumption of red meat is responsible for increasing the likelihood of heart diseases, reaching 50% among diabetics. It is a risk that is too high if you value your life.


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