Five Ab-Friendly Foods That Will Help Sculpt That Six-Pack

Five Ab-Friendly Foods That Will Help Sculpt That Six-Pack

We’ve all heard it: “abs are made in the kitchen,” and we may even think of it as cliche, but it can’t be truer. A billion crunches alone won’t reveal those washboard abs, not even hours of intense cardio. At the end of the day, both what you do in the gym and what you put in your mouth have an impact on showing off a six-pack. One of the reasons why many people who spend hours at the gym (doing heavy sets of workouts) still don’t have visible abs is because a thick layer of fat is covering those abdominal muscles – and that is where diet plays the key role. Don’t know what to eat to reveal those abs? Here’s a list of five ab-friendly foods that will help you sculpt that six-pack.


Green Tea

Known for its thermogenic effect on the body, green tea is among the top list of foods that will help you melt belly fat away and reveal those eye-catching abs. This ab-friendly drink works by jacking up the body’s temperature and as a result, boosts the metabolism, allowing it to burn more than it normally does. Additionally, green tea is specifically good for the abs as it contains the antioxidant and natural phenol called ‘catechins’ that prevent fat from being stored in your midsection. Sip on this aromatic hot drink after your meals to shed belly fat and at the same time aid your digestion.



Here’s a good news for those who like to munch on something a little sweet and fruity – you can snack on berries and still help sculpt those washboard abs. A handful of these is very high in fiber and low in the glycemic index at the same time, which means they keep you feeling full, satisfied and prevent your blood sugar levels from spiking up. So start popping some berries on top of your pancakes, or just plainly snack on them, for that sweet, tangy, filling flavor that doesn’t just satisfy the tastebuds, but also helps sculpt your six-pack.


Sweet Potatoes

A type of tuber loaded with slow carbs, sweet potatoes are also loaded with lots of fiber and nutrients that can help the body burn fat. And because these tubers have slow carbs that are slowly digested by the body, they keep you fuller and more energetic for longer periods, keeping you from unneccesary snacking. Moreover, sweet potatoes are full of carotenoids which are proven to keep the blood sugar levels stable, and keep the body from converting calories into fat.



It was found in a study that supplementing on Omega-3 fatty acids have the ability to stop abdominal fat genes from regenerating, keeping your tummy lean. Tuna, especially the light canned variety, is known to contain high amounts of both DHA and EPA, Omega-3 fatty acids that are known to be ab-friendly.  This moderately low-calorie food is also packed with protein, which as we all know, is essential in muscle buildup. Toss some light tuna into your salad for that meaty texture and extra kick of both protein and Omega-3 fatty acids that are both a must-have in an ab-friendly diet.


Greek Yogurt

An excellent source of protein (a whooping 23g per cup), Greek yogurt is also loaded with probiotics and calcium which are both believed to help reveal your abs. Additionally, the high amounts of protein found in this type of yogurt is enough to keep you full and satisfied, and prevent the body from having unhealthy cravings. Swap your regular yogurt for the Greek variety for a snack that isn’t just jammed with protein, but are also good for your digestion.

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