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Stay Slim And Healthy

Hello, everyone. My name is Alesh and I have been struggling with weight for the past 5 years. During this period I have tried many diets, lost weight but at the end gained weight back. Does that sound familiar? Felt like a never-ending story. Until I’ve found the quickest way to lose weight with, stay slim and healthy for many years.

I’ve decided to create a web page called Stay Slim And Healthy to help women and men with the same problems as I had in the past. Having fat in our bodies and stomach area isn’t something we want to have since internal organs do not work in a healthy manner when fat surrounds them.

On my site Stay Slim And Healthy, I am going to share information and my personal experience on how to achieve maximal health through your raw food diet and light exercise regimes. From time to time I am going to do reviews of appliances that I use for preparing meals throughout the day. I have written also a personal review of my top and number one product for weight loss.

Please feel free to ask me anything regarding this page Stay Slim And Healthy  and information you will obtain by reading it. I really enjoy talking about a healthy way of living. If you are interested in anything particular write a message and I will try to answer you as soon as possible. You can also comment my reviews and ask your questions in public discussions on my site Stay Slim And Healthy. Any feedback would be more than appreciated.

About me and how it all started…

I am 35 years old. In my younger age weight was never a problem. But, after getting my first job, working under the stress the weight just kept rising. When my doctor told me that by BMI calculator I am defined as “overweight”, I had to find a solution to start losing weight. Although the weight is not really important to me, definitely not number 1 factor, the health and problems associated with being overweight are much more frightening. I have tried many diets. Almost always succeeded with them, but at the end gained weight back. I was doing something terribly wrong.

Then I discovered a way how to achieve maximum health, power, energy and diet appropriate for myself. It is not necessary that it will work for everyone. It definitely did work for me. If you consider your diet as a way of life, you are on a great way to achieve a healthy lifestyle which includes both physical and mental health. Why is mental health so important? If you fuel your body with positive thoughts, with clean energy, then your body runs efficiently. It becomes whole with your mind.

For last, if you need any kind of help, please feel free to ask me, leave a comment, send me an e-mail. I will be more than happy to help you, give you some tips and perhaps just some information you may need for achieving your maximum health.

Anyway, I wish you all the best!


Founder of Stay Slim And Healthy
Email: healthy.life@stayslimandhealthy.com