[REVIEW] Best inexpensive blender

Ninja Professional Blender NJ600

Ninja Professional Blender NJ600









          Value for Money



            • BPA Free
            • great safety features
            • strong motor
            • very affordable
            • great for crushing ice or pulverizing peanuts


            • short only 1-year warranty
            • plastic gear is a concern long term
            • doesn’t chop vegetables evenly
            • pitcher is made from plastic

            The best inexpensive blender Ninja Professional Blender NJ600

            best inexpensive blender for green smoothiesA blender is a device that you may need every time you prepare food in your kitchen. Whether you are going to prepare a beverage or a food item, a blender can make the process fast and easy. For instance, if you are going to prepare food in which you need to blend the ingredients like onion, tomato, green chilli, garlic and others, then using a blender instead of hand chopper will save your time and also the blended material will be smoother. In the case you are getting late, you can use this blender to prepare a nutritional and healthy beverage in just few minutes. Thus, in this fast paced life, blender is the perfect device that along with providing the nutritious diet saves your precious time and makes the process easy.

            If you want to taste the nutritious beverages full of vitamins prepared from veggies and fruits mix; pureeing soups or any creamy item, then, the best inexpensive blender for making smoothies Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 is the best choice. No matter if you are prepping the beverage, healthy snack or any other smoothie for yourself or the whole family, the large pitcher will make the process a snap to prepare. The 1000 watts motor embedded in it can crush the whole fruits and ice cubes just in seconds. This modern cheap blender is touchpad based and safe to operate. It comes with two different sized containers that the user can use according to his needs.

            Features of the best inexpensive blender for making smoothies

            Power – 1000 watts

            Its 1000 watts pulverizing power is able to crush every solid ingredient in just few seconds. It does not matter that whether it is a mix of fruits, nuts or the hard ice cubes, the best cheap blender for smoothies Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 will crush everything coming in its way into creamy juice.


            As mentioned above that the blender comes with two different sized pitchers- one of 72 ounce and the other is of 16 ounce. Both the pitchers are enabled with their own blades and lids that make it more flexible to use. The larger one can be used to prepare soups, beverages, sauces and some meals whereas the smaller one is best for prepping small batches and smoothies. The capacity of prepping any creamy liquid is 9 cups for 72-ounce pitcher and 2 cups for 16-ounce pitcher.


            Having all the required functionalities, the machine is designed in a simple, sleek and modern way. It’s simple-to-operate touchpad contains three pulse settings- 1 for low, 2 for medium and 3 for high. There is a separate button for single-serve settings. Thus, designed in a extremely simple way, it is safe to operate this machine.

            BPA free

            Ninja Professional Container BPA FreeThe containers that come with this blender are not made of glass. Instead, they are made from even better and durable material that is BPA free. Also, it is safe to wash this blender and the containers using a dishwasher.

            6-blade assembly

            Along with the single-serve blades, the big jar has a 6-blade assembly. Instead of embedding these blades at the bottom, they are distributed up to the height of a container. Due to this scattered design of blades the ingredients are crushed more evenly and smoothly.

            Safety Features

            The separate power button on the front of Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 and lock-in lids for each container makes the blending process hassle free and helps to prevent mishaps.

            Heavy-duty pitchers

            Its plastic pitchers are not only BPA free but also durable. They are light-weight, have resistivity for scratch and thus, the chances of their breaking are less than that of the glass jars.

            Controlled pouring

            This feature may sound a little boring but for those who have the experience of pouring the smoothies from standard blenders, it is great. With the controlled pouring feature, there are no chances of spreading this liquid or creamy blend around the container. Otherwise, the spread liquid will consume your time to clean it along with creating a huge mess.


            The dimensions of best inexpensive blender for green smoothies Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 are 9.25” H x 12” W x 16”D. It is gray in colour and weighs 15 pounds. It comes with one year warranty both for its parts and labour.

            This professional device is better than the ordinary juice maker in many ways. The juice prepared by using the best blender for making smoothies contains both juice and pulp from fruits and vegetables. Thus, this juice is more nutritious than the one made by using juice extractor because in that you will only get the fruit juice, not the nourishing fibre.

            Smoothie blendingAlthough simple to use and if still you are confused about the working, then you will be relieved to know that when you buy this product, you are provided with a manual that contains instructions in a detailed and extremely simple manner. You just need to go through those instructions once and then you will be able to use it effectively. Not only that, the instruction manual can also help you to prepare delicious and yummy beverages with the help of recipes it contains. So, next time you don’t have to worry about prepping a special dish for your guests. Just pick a recipe and prepare a mouth-watering beverage, juice or ice-cream what your guests would like to have. You can add extra ingredients of your choice if you want to add more taste to the dish.

            No doubt that this product is economical to use as it costs only $79.25, but it has some limitations too. For instance, it is not resilient to back up its efficient performance and the pitcher lids sometimes start causing problems resulting into leakage. But if we compare its features with the drawbacks then it is justified that the Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 is the best personal size blender for smothies and daily use. The flexibility that it provides while selecting the quantities of being prepared beverages, make it suitable for the big as well as small families. In a nutshell, it is perfect for those who want an economical blender for everyday household use with simple design and easy operations.

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