Vitamix 5300 – Best smoothie blender

Vitamix 5300

Vitamix 5300









          Value for Money



            • 7-year warranty
            • stainless steel blades
            • BPA-free copolyester pitcher
            • powerfull motor
            • fit under kitchen cupboards


            Why should you own a kitchen blender?

            best smoothie blender Vitamix 5300Any kitchen should have a blender, and that due to a high number of reasons. You can prepare beverages, cream soups, sauces, purees, chop veggies and many more. It can be of a real aid for anyone looking to a rapid, but tasteful cooking. Still, not all blenders are up to the challenge. In case you plan to use it rather often, you will need a sturdy and reliable blender. Let’s take the example of people who are on a raw food diet. A great raw food blender is of a real aid in the kitchen since they can prepare green and fresh smoothies, made out of the best veggies and fruits. We all know just how great the raw food diet is for our health, and a raw food blender can help up prepare a lot of recipes in no time. Not to mention the incredible help you will get with a baby will come in your life, being able to prepare scrumptious meals for him.

            Which blender to buy?

            Now that you got the idea that a raw food blender could indeed make your life easier, you probably think which one is the best.

            best smoothie blender jarPersonally, I tried one of the best smoothie blenders – Vitamix 5300 model, available on Amazon. Since I am a fan of a raw food diet and following this type of diet for a while now, I really wanted to purchase a blender I could use several times a day, without the fear of breaking down. Thus, I started looking for blenders, comparing features and brands. I liked the compact design and the fact that the container has gradation marks, which are extremely useful while cooking. The product’s description said it will fit under every cabinet. Well, I took its measurements and guess what, it does fit, which was just great, as I didn’t have to find a special place just to put the blender.

            Using the best smoothie blender 

            best smoothie blender steel bladeThe stainless steel blades and silent motor features also grabbed my attention. Sometimes in the morning is hard to hear all kinds of rough noises coming from all the kitchen appliances. With this blender, I can say my mornings are beautiful and smooth, as I can barely hear the motor running while the blender prepares my healthy morning smoothie.

            And I love smoothies in the morning. There isn’t a better way to start a day than with a glass packed with nutrients, vitamins and fibers of all the green food I put in the blender. The smoothies particular to the raw diet are incredibly nutritious, and it is very easy to drink your meal than to chew on it in the morning. Not to mention that the presence of the blender makes everything so fast and easy. I also have the time to prepare another one, which I pack in a special bottle to take it with me at work, making sure I will enjoy some more great nutrients during the day.

            And the cleaning is done in the easiest way. Just put some water and a drop of dishwashing detergent and turn it on for 30 seconds. Afterward, you just need to rinse the cup. It takes this little. It is unbelievable how quickly everything works and what great benefits this blender can bring into your life. I am a rather active person, with a busy lifestyle, so I always looked for faster ways to prepare food. Since I like homemade food, and rarely dine out, this blender was a great acquisition that helped me save time and enjoy the food I like most. And, I also think at the moment when it will be the time to welcome in our family our newborn baby. It will be a joy to prepare my meals and his meals with this great blender. It can chop almost anything, it blender and grinds, and it even comes with a tamper, to help you deal with thicker mixtures.

            So, are you ready to change your life for better? I did since this blender arrived at the front door of my house. My raw food recipes are most delicious, and now I have all the means to experiment new tastes, by adding in the blender fruits and veggies according to my preferences. Still, you should know that the best smoothie blender Vitamix 5300 comes with a cookbook, in case you need some fresh ideas about what to prepare. You will be amazed by its compact look and the power it develops. You won’t have any problem blending frozen foods, as the blades, and the motor has what it takes to chop these as well.

            How well does the best smoothie blender Vitamix 5300 work?

            Everything comes out so smooth, without any bits that can get stuck between your teeth. And that is quite useful, especially if you wish to serve a smoothie made out of fresh spinach leaves, at work. At first, all my colleagues though I was buying my smoothies from some restaurant. They all claimed to look professionally blended, as their homemade smoothies always contain visible bits in the content. When I told them I was preparing them in the house, with my new blender, they found it very hard to believe. That is until I invited them over in an afternoon, to enjoy some delicious smoothies together, and end the mystery. They were all stunned by the power and silence, at the same time, of the blender.

            Final thoughts about the best smoothie blender Vitamix 5300

            After this experience, I can be more than sure that they are already searching Amazon for this amazing product. Maybe they didn’t want to admit it, but I am confident that they were blown away by my new appliance. I am glad I did this choice, since my diet improved a lot, as I am enjoying all the great recipes using only fresh ingredients. And the best part is that I can have them in such a short notice, leaving the rest of my time free, to do what I want. Especially now, in the summer, when cooking may be a burden in the hot days. I prefer to use the blender and prepare something quick. But that doesn’t mean that I will hide it when winter comes. It is the best time to make hot cream soups, spiced with pepper and other delicious herbs.

            Where to buy the best smoothie blender Vitamix 5300?

            You can buy the best smoothie blender Vitamix 5300 for a reasonable price here



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