[REVIEW] NUYU Superfood

Nuyu Superfood

Make your body alkaline with NUYU Superfood If you are interested about health and well-being, dieting and the things you can do to stay fit, you probably heard about the alkalinity and acidity of human body. I came across such information when I started looking info about how I can eat healthier, for a fitter appearance and better health. I found out that some foods we eat, quite a significant part of them, create an acidic environment in our body….
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Importance of Vitamin B12 intake

Importance of Vitamin B12 intake in Vegan and Raw Food Diet The vegan and raw food diets are great because you can enjoy nutrients in their purest state. But, these diets are not perfect, and you should be aware both of the benefits and downsides of such diets. One of the most important issues is vitamin B12 deficiency. This vitamin is scarce in food, being found only in several types of food, especially if you are a vegetarian. And you…
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