Four Simple Ways To Brush Off Weight Loss Plateau

Four Simple Ways To Brush Off Weight Loss Plateau


Indeed it is very pleasing, rewarding, and even more motivating to see the scale drop pound by pound as you commit yourself to a workout regime and strict diet. But then after a while, you might notice that the scale won’t drop a line or two anymore. While it can get a little frustrating, don’t panic – it is completely normal. It just means that you’ve dropped enough weight to hit your plateau. However, don’t be discouraged just yet as there are many ways to overcome a stall. Here are four simple ways you can try once you’ve hit your weight loss plateau


Reassess your diet

If you’re no longer dropping weight on your normal [clean] diet and workout routine, it is important to consider re-evaluating your current caloric needs. Note that as you continue to drop weight, your caloric maintenance also drops. And when your energy expenditure and maintenance become equal, that’s when weight loss plateau enters the picture. You can combat this by making shifts to your diet, and tweak things up a little. Recalculate your macros and find out what currently fits you.


Restricting carbs

Cutting down on carbohydrate intake has been found to be an effective way to keep your body from stalling. In fact, very low carb diets have been found to bring amazing results on weight loss. Think keto or Atkins – these two diets are slightly similar and both have been proven to be very effective on dropping weight. Basically, these diets require one to consume a certain amount of carbs per day, which eventually shifts the body’s main energy source from carbohydrates to burning fat, aiding both in weight and fat loss in the long run. However, shifting to these kinds of diet can be very hard, especially if your body has been carb-dependent for so long. If you feel like you’re not yet ready to keep off a huge amount of carbs from your diet all at the same time, cut down gradually. Most ketogenic diet work on eating no more than 50g of carbs a day, and if you feel like it’s something you can’t handle, you can start at 100g per day, then cut back down slowly week after week, until you reach consuming just enough to induce ketosis.  Note that strictly low-carb diets can be really tough at first, but once your body has fully adapted, you’ll also notice a change in appetite as these kinds of diet also work by curbing (usually) unhealthy cravings.


Kick things up a notch on your workouts

When you hit a plateau, it means that your metabolic rate also slows down. Fight this off by increasing the intensity and frequency of your workouts. Say, if you workout three times a week, make it four or five. If you’ve been strength training, increase the volume of your weights; or if you’ve been into running or cycling, increase your distance. Additionally, you may want to try HIIT workouts as these type of training has been proven really effective on fat burning.


Give intermittent fasting a try

Intermittent fasting is another type of diet that has been becoming more and more popular nowadays. It works by going on a longer period of fasting and a relatively shorter eating window. By doing so, your metabolism shifts and your body starts to burn excess fat. There are many ways to do this diet, with the 16:8 method being the most popular and easiest to do. Otherwise known as the Leangains method, the procedure is to put your body on fast for 16 hours by not eating anything, and eating your regular meals during only the 8-hour eating window. Aside from the 16:8 method, there are also many other ways to do intermittent fasting. Find one which suits you, adjust your eating habits, and start overcoming weight loss plateau in no time.

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