Green smoothies benefits for your health

Why green smoothies are good for your health?

We already know that smoothies are a great meal replacement, being able to provide high-quality nutrition if done properly. And when we say properly, we mean that in the recipe, you will use only fresh ingredients, not powders or already made smoothies, which are usually packed with sugar, flavors, and other synthetic chemicals. Thus, if fresh ingredients are great, then let’s talk a bit more about green smoothies. You will find out what they are and how they can be of help for your health. Of course, you may already know that the name “green” comes from the fact that these smoothies are made by using green veggies. Not only that they are delicious, but they have other amazing benefits, as you are about to find out.



Green smoothies are always made out of fresh greenies, like spinach, broccoli, parsley, kale, any green thing that looks appetizing to you. Also, you should know that you can sweeten things up a little, by adding apples, bananas, avocados, or pears, to obtain a thicker consistency and a more pleasant flavor. Never be afraid to experiment with ingredients, since not all leafy plants have a strong flavor in your smoothie. It is futile to say that green smoothies contain nutrients in the purest form, being of incredible quality and offering your body the support it needs for a strong immune system. Most fresh veggies and fruits contain vitamins A and C, but you can add some potassium and magnesium if you add avocados to the recipe, or folate if you use guavas. Just add some ingredients in your favourite smoothie blender and you will get an amazing green smoothie.

Green smoothies are much better than making juice out of the same ingredients. Why? Well, you get the vitamins, but lack the fibers, which are important for your digestion. A smoothie will have plenty of that, in comparison with juice, where most of the pulp remains in the juicer. In case you know green foods are good for you but have trouble eating them, a smoothie is a great way to trick yourself into doing so. By putting a diversity of green leaves in a mixer, and toss in a tasty banana or juice apple, your smoothie will be scrumptious, and you will eat your veggies as well. Not to mention that green smoothies are probably the fastest type of smoothie you can prepare.

green smoothies

Green smoothie

Also, if you combine fruits with leafy greens in a smoothie, the sugar level will be much more balanced, than in the case of having a smoothie just made out of fruits. The fibers in the veggies will make sure to wash some sugars away. And exactly because of the fibers, green smoothies are very filling, despite the fact that they are very poor in calories. Thus, they are great if you intend to lose some weight with proper diet. They are also incredibly easy to digest, and they keep a correct level of hydration in the body. And when the ingredients for these smoothies are so cheap, it is really a pity not to enjoy them every day. You will spend just a few bucks to get a great diversity of green leaves, plus a few fruits if you like, and you have everything you need for a green smoothie.


  1. Dean

    Great to have info about benefits of green smoothies and other healthy stuff on one place.

    As a newbie in smoothies world I recommend that you write some good recipes for green and other smoothies.

    I bet that you have some favorites in the pocket 🙂

    Thank you on sharing this to us,

    Have a great day,


    1. aleshko1980

      Hi Dean. Green smoothies are definitely the best daily nutrition you can afford. I am already preparing some of my favourite green smoothies. Thanks for stopping by.

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