Six Supplements That Can Help You Get Lean

Sometimes, it’s the last 10lbs that is just really difficult to drop no matter how hard you work in the gym. And while it can get frustrating, there a lot of supplements out there that can aid you in achieving that goal physique. So if you are looking to trim down and drop that stubborn body fat, here are a list of six supplements that can help you get lean.



Branched chain amino acids are composed of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Supplementing with these amino acids promotes the body’s protein synthesis and enhance muscle growth over time.  BCAAs are also known to improve stamina and prevent fatigue, so people who take these before their workouts are able to train harder for longer periods. Additionally, taking BCAAs before and after every workout keeps the body in a fat burning and muscle building state. In simpler words, these amino acids will enable your body to torch down fat while maintaining muscle mass.


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Glutamine is an essential amino acid that plays a key role in protein metabolism. This essential amino acid is also responsible for increasing the human growth hormone which essentially helps in metabolizing body fat and supporting muscle growth. Additionally, glutamine has anti-catabolic properties that prevent your muscles from breaking down. Moreover, this amino acid does not just help in cutting down, it also boosts the body’simmune system and plays an important role in maintaining the body’s cell volume and hydration.


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Whey Protein

Whey is among the two components of milk protein. This type of protein is significantly healthier and is more easily absorbed by the body compared to other forms. Whey helps in increasing muscle protein synthesis and supplementing on this type of protein powder is a great way to increase your daily protein intake, with one scoop of serving having around 25g of protein in it. Essentially, whey’s high protein content improves satiety and aids well in fat loss.


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Thermogenics usually come in pill forms that help the body increase its heat production and puts it in a fat burning state.  They are usually formulated with ingredients that suppress the appetite and increase metabolism. Among these ingredients are active stimulants such as caffeine, green tea extract, and the like. Thermogenics are often taken 30 minutes before working out, or on an empty stomach in the morning during ‘off’ days.


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Another supplement that are gaining more and more popular today are pre-workouts. They often come in powder form and they are generally formulated with powerful ingredients that enhance focus and amp up the body’s energy levels, endurance and stamina. As a result, supplementing on these lets you do more intense workouts for longer periods. Pre-workouts are also believed to increase muscle growth while burning fat at the same time. Caffeine, beta-alanine, creatine, BCAAs, and arginine are among the most commonly used ingredients that make up an effective pre-workout.


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Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or simply “CLA”, is a form of omega-6 fatty acid that helps in fat loss. Naturally, this omega-6 fatty acid is found in meat and dairy produscts. CLA, when combined with weight training, has been found to be very beneficial on muscle development. Additionally, this supplement can also aid well in weight loss, retaining lean muscle mass, and can also help control type 2 diabetes – a condition often associated with obesity. CLAs often come in pill, powder and syrup forms.


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