The Busy Person’s Guide To Meal Prep

The Busy Person’s Guide To Meal Prep

Eating healthy can be tough, especially when you’re busy! One of the many reasons why people end up eating unhealthy meals is because of the fact that they lack time to make better food choices. The majority of us choose to save ourselves the time and hassle, and just opt for meals that are instantly available for quick grabs in the market. However, these choices aren’t always what’s best for us. But if you’re looking to find ways to change your lifestyle and eat healthy, worry no more – meal prep is made easier nowadays! Read on to learn a few essential tips on how you can prepare your healthy meals despite your busy schedule.

1.Take Advantage of Today’s Technology

We live in the generation of millennials where headphone jacks are no longer a thing, and almost everything is just at the tip of our fingers. Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘What does this have to do with my meal prep?’ It’s simple: take advantage of this advanced technology. People rely so much on smartphones nowadays, so why not jump in on the bandwagon and take meal prep to a whole new level? Many smartphone applications that are specifically designed to help on meal preparation are now available for download in app stores, and they’re guaranteed to assist you in every way they can – from rounding your grocery list, down to expanding your recipe repertoire.

Among the most popular meal prep apps are the following:

  • Yummly – use this app to find a variety of healthy recipes out there.
  • AnyList – an app designed for the busy family, AnyList is your virtual shopping assistant. This app allows multiple users to add stuff to a singular shopping list and then synchronizing the list with everyone else’s account.
  • MealPlan Meal and Grocery Planner – this app is best for those who are new into meal planning. It’s easy-to-navigate interface makes meal prep and grocery shopping more convenient.

So, give any of these a try, and with just a few swipes and taps, these smartphone apps will surely put meal prep just at the tip of your fingers.

2.Get Creative And Save Time

If you like frittatas for breakfast, why cook them every single morning on a single skillet? Instead, save time and try making mini frittatas on muffin cups. You can cook these in batches of 12’s or 24’s, and they can stay in the fridge for a whole week. Or why not try cooking your meats three ways in a single tray? Prepare a tray large enough to hold your meats for a week and divide the pan using aluminum foils. Season them any way you want, and cook them all at once! Again these meats can stay well in the fridge for a week, and take them out whenever you need them. Meal prep can come in easy and handy; you just have to learn to be extra creative and get time savvy!

3.Spend Your Weekends Making Side Dishes

Quit slacking on weekends and dedicate some time on meal prep by cooking your week’s side dishes in advance. Spend an hour or two on easy-to-make sides that can last in the fridge for up to a week. Once cooked, let them cool down a little, portion them, and store them in glass containers. Why glass containers? Not only do these containers keep your foods fresher, they’re guaranteed BPA-free, so they are also safer for you.

A quick healthy tip: If you want different side dishes throughout the week, but want to save time on cooking them separately, opt for veggies that cook in under the same time (for example, carrots, potatoes, cauliflowers, and parsnips can be all slow roasted and cooked in more or less twenty minutes). Pop these veggies in the oven and let them roast. Once cooked, put them in their separate containers and store them in the fridge. These sides will be ready for lunch all through the week.

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