The Raw Food Diet

Healthy way of life with Raw Food Diet

Believe it or not, many of the health problems that most of us face are in close connection with what we eat. They don’t say for nothing that we are what we eat. Everything that we introduce in our system, through food, contributes in a positive or negative way to our overall state of well-being. In ancient times, mankind did not know about so many diseases. They led a simple life and ate simple foods, which weren’t prepared too much. As we advanced with our civilization, our food suffered a lot. Out of the desire to produce more and less time, to keep food as much as possible on the store shelves, we face today extremely processed foods. Most of us think it is great that there is an abundance of food from which we can pick, that it tastes better and that it lasts longer. But it is the healthiest choice for you?

It is the way our bodies were created

Even though our food changed a lot, our bodies didn’t. And to your surprise, your organism would do much better if you would feed it like in the ancient times. That means to give it more natural and raw food, and less processed food. We are built out of live cells, so they do appreciate the nutrients and energy that they received through raw food. But let’s talk more about raw food. What is it? What do you have to consume? And, particularly, what are the benefits of raw food diet? The answers to these questions will make you understand what raw diet is all about, destroy the idea you might get from having to consume raw meat, and the incredible effects it can have on the body and health.

What is the raw food diet?

raw food vegetablesThe raw food diet assumes for you to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. So it is a vegetarian diet if we think about it. The whole idea of a raw diet is to eat foods in their natural state, without subjecting them to a thermic processing. High temperature destroys the cells within your food, making it have a low nutritional level and lack the necessary vitamins and minerals. Not to mention that high temperatures, especially when frying or grilling, develop toxic substances in your food, which in time will become the ones that will lead to the development of various illnesses. So when you are consuming raw food, you practically enjoy the unaltered nutritional value of the food and enjoy all the vitamins and minerals your cells need for functioning best. In fact, these high-quality nutrition will make the quotidian headaches disappear, will diminish the symptoms of allergies and improve the overall state of health. Why? Because most foods we find in stores contain preservatives and many other chemicals that lead to a sensitizing of our organism, making it more susceptible to diseases.

What benefits the raw food diet can bring to our health?

So why is the raw food diet right for us? Mainly, because it will always contain one-third more vitamins and nutrients than any cooked variety. Plus, the raw food diet can help you can rid of those extra pounds you have been accumulating. Raw foods have low calories, they are filled with fibers and water, so they will help you balance your overall weight. The unaltered vitamins will also give a boost to your immune system, regulate intestinal transit, make you have more energy and even keep your gums healthy, as you have to chew on your food. But, since raw foods are low in calories, you will have to eat a bit more often. To keep your energy levels high and make it through the day, you will need to have 5 or 6 meals. A salad, smoothies, purees, can make great candidates for your meals. And don’t forget about cereals, nuts, seeds, fruits, even dehydrated ones, which can go great as snacks and provide you with the energy you need.

Enjoy delicious salads

fruit saladIf you think raw food is boring, you are wrong. You can mix a lot of ingredients, and prepare them as well, using methods that don’t imply cooking, and create delicious recipes. Salads are probably the most well-known ways to enjoy a raw diet. If you think you are too clumsy, or just wish to do things faster, just use a food processor to chop your salad ingredients. There are so many recipes for raw salads that you will be stunned. And here is a good example. Lettuce, about 3 cups, 8 pieces of cherry tomatoes, a third of a cup of chopped cucumber, one diced carrot, 3 button mushrooms cut in slices, a half of avocado chopped, 5 pieces of sundried tomatoes, one teaspoon of plum vinegar, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, one teaspoon of agave syrup, and sprinkles of dried oregano and basil.

Prepare scrumptious smoothies

raw food blenderIn a raw food diet, a blender will do wonders. A smoothie may represent the freshest and funniest way to serve a meal filled with fibers and vitamins. Just toss the ingredients in the blender, add some water and there, your smoothie is ready. You can enjoy it at breakfast and even prepare some to take it to work with you. With a blender, you can enjoy smoothies fast and easy, so don’t be afraid to try all sorts of recipes and diversify your menu.

strawberry smoothieHere is a smoothie recipe perfect for the summer season:

  • take 2 cups of fresh strawberries
  • 4 tablespoons of date syrup or any other sweeter that will do for you
  • one-fourth of a cup of fresh lime juice
  • 3 cups of ice and you can even use fresh mint leaves for serving
  • just put all of them in the blender and let them mix nicely
  • pour into a tall glass and decorate with mint leaves or small pieces of strawberries.

And there are so many other smoothies’ recipes that wait to be discovered. You just saw just how easy everything does. Just put them in the blender and the smoothie is ready in just 3 minutes.

Drink refreshing juices

carrot juiceA juicer is another appliance that should not miss from the kitchen of a raw dieter. Natural and freshly prepared juices are another way to enjoy the raw diet and get all the goodness from fruits and vegetables. It would be best if you take a juicer with an XXL feeding tube, so you won’t have to chop everything is small pieces. Also, go for one with a higher power, since getting juice of out carrots and celery can be quite a challenge for the small juices. Not to mention that it is a pity to throw away pulp that still contains a lot of juice. Thus, if you invest in a high power and high-quality juicer, you will take all the best content out of the ingredients you use and prepare delicious juices. Also, don’t be afraid to use different types of ingredients for a single juice for a more full and tasty flavor.

Even make tasty snacks

To make sure you thoroughly exploit the wonders of the raw diet, you can also get a dehydrator. It look and works almost as a small oven, but will never reach the same temperatures. A dehydrator uses very mild temperatures, and a fan, to take water out of your foods. So it is great for helping you preserve food or even to make delicious snacks out of raw foods, like cookies and bars. Remember that a dehydrator will not cook your food, so you will still enjoy the same quality of nutrients you get in raw food. You can make dry fruits like this, or prepare tasty cookies by mixing a paste made out of fruits and veggies, to which can add nuts, and all kinds of spices to make it delicious.

What to monitor while on a raw food diet

So, as you can see, the raw food diet is both fun and healthy, having numerous ways of still enjoying tasty foods. Still, do watch out for some aspects when starting a raw diet. You need to make sure that you have a proper intake of protein, iron, calcium and vitamin B, more precisely vitamin B12. Proteins are usually found in nuts, but you can always supplement your diet with these elements with the help of natural food supplements. Also, the best way to make sure that your body has access to a broad range of nutrients and vitamins, try to diversify your diet as much as possible. Switch recipes and try to enjoy a little bit of everything. There are so many raw foods you can enjoy out there, that it will be hard to get bored. There is an incredible number of raw food recipes, and you will have no issue getting a diverse menu that will spoil your taste buds and give your organism everything you need.

Bottom line, enjoy a clean body and a better health

The raw food diet is great to cleanse your organism and balance your body’s functions, as well as your weight. If you choose this type of diet, it is best if you can opt for raw organic foods, as they are the best you can get. Organic foods are out of the range of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other substances that may accumulate in your body. The old fashion farmer’s market or organic stores, are the best places where you can obtain raw organic foods.

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