Four Benefits of Rowing Machines

Do you need to do your cardio indoors? A rowing machine is a great option.

In recent years, rowing machines have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity.

These machines are also known as indoor rowers and ergometers. They allow you to mimic the movements of a boat rower without ever having to go into the water.

Indoor rowers can be divided into four types:

flywheelhydraulicmagnetic resistancewater

Flywheel rowers

Close up of man on rowing machine

These machines can be found in gyms.

Jody Braverman, a NASM-certified personal trainer who is also a weight loss coach and certified personal trainer, explains that pulling against a spinning flywheel creates resistance that mimics rowing on the water. Pull harder to increase resistance

Hydraulic rowers as well as magnetic resistance rowers

Hydraulic rowers are able to resist fluid or compressed air, while magnetic resistance models are able to resist a magnetic brake.

These two are quiet and compact making them ideal for home workouts.

Water rowers

These rowers are the closest to the real thing.

Braverman explains that a water flywheel simulates the drag caused by an oar in the water. You can also hear the water moving while you row.

One problem: Water rowers can be expensive.

You will enjoy an abundance of benefits from your rowing machine, regardless of which type it is.

These are just four reasons why you should add the rowing machine into your exercise routine.

1. Indoor rowing is a full-body workout

Woman using rowing machine in her home gym in garage

Braverman states that rowing is “one of the most effective workouts you can do.” It’s a full body workout that builds strength and power as well as endurance.

Every rowing stroke, indoors and outdoors, follows a push-then pull sequence that lights up multiple muscle areas.

Your quads, calves and hamstrings take care of the push part. This will help you to generate the power you need to drive again.

To finish the stroke, pull the handle towards your midline. Your upper back, biceps and shoulders will kick in.

Your hamstrings will fire up and you’ll be able to fold inward to reverse the movement.

Braverman says that your abs, obliques and lower back also do a lot of work — primarily to stabilize and create power throughout.

2. Rowing machines offer a low-impact workout

Indoor rowing might be a good option for those who can’t do high-impact cardio like running.

Rowing is a great alternative to dance, jumping rope and plyometrics.

You don’t need to worry about landing because your feet are never going to leave the rower.

Tami Smith, ACE-certified personal training specialist, says that rowing is a great choice for people who need a low-impact workout but aren’t too stressful on their joints. “I have seen many people switch from running and rowing.”

3. Rowing builds cardiovascular endurance

Rowing, like other cardio exercises, helps build stamina and endurance to supply oxygen to your muscles for longer periods of time.

This is called cardiovascular endurance.

This is useful for everyday activities such as walking or climbing stairs.

According to the American Heart Association, endurance exercises that increase your heart rate (like rowing) can help keep your heart and lungs in good health.

4. Rowing machines can help you lose weight

Side view of woman using rowing machine

A 150-pound person could burn approximately 252 calories rowing at moderate intensity for 30 minutes and 306 calories rowing vigorously for the same time in 30 minutes.

Smith states that burning calories is a part of fat-loss.

Smith says that rowing can also help build muscle which can increase your daily calorie burn.

This extra burn can help you reach the calorie deficit that you need to lose weight.

8 Best Rowing Machine Brands

Are you ready to reap the rowing machine benefits at your home? These are some of the most popular indoor rowers.

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