Fa La La A Wellness Christmas (18 Gift Ideas)

These are some great ideas for wellness gifts that I’ve gathered from other blogs. They will help you with Christmas shopping.

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t buy anything from the links in my blog. It doesn’t matter if I helped you in any way. My main goal is to make a positive difference in the world, to see less people dying and less people getting sick. To that end, I want more people to embrace a healthy lifestyle and make wellness resolutions. It doesn’t matter if you buy something, but it does mean that I helped you in some way. It means a lot to me that you share my posts with others.

DreamyBlue Premium Pillows for Sleeping – Shredded Memory Foam Fil [Adjustable Loft] Washable Bamboo Derived Rayon Cover – Side, Back, Stomach – CertiPUR – US Certified

Do you want a pillow that lasts? This pillow is by far the best I have ever purchased! If the memory foam is too dense, you can either remove it or add more. It’s been my favorite memory foam mattress for many years. I will not sleep with anything else. Click Here to Buy

2. Shiatsu Neck and back Massager with Heat, VIKTOR JURGEN Deep tissue Kneading Sport Recovery Massagers For Neck, Back, Shoulders and Foot

This was a gift that I received from multiple people last Christmas. They loved it! It was something I had planned to add to my Christmas list, but I forgot. Is anyone interested in buying it? Click Here.

3. Essential oils Rub essential oils onto your skin. Young Living offers an essential oil called Stress Away, which is a blend of the most effective oils to relieve stress. It smells amazing, too!

This essential oil kit is a great option if you are looking for a lower price. I know that essential oils can be helpful when I am stressed. I have personally used them many times. Stress Relief Blend 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential oil Kit – 3/10mL

Buy Here

4. Essential oils can also be diffused into the air. Everlasting Comfort Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusing essential oils into the air is one of the best ways you can enjoy them. There are many diffusers available, but this one is my favorite. It changes colors and looks cool! Click Here

5. EO Eucalyptus & Arnica Botanical Bubble Bath, EO Eucalyptus & Arnica Botanical Bubble Bath

Stressed? Relaxing baths are a great option for stress relief. These are my favourite bubble bath products, and they contain very natural ingredients.

6. Reduce Water Bottle – Hydro Pure 28 oz

Water is essential! Stainless steel is more efficient at keeping your water cool and doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals found in plastic. Get Here. [/tab] [/tabs]

7. Fitbits

The smaller Fitbits are my favorite, so I chose this one. I use it to keep track of how many steps I take each day, and also check my sleep score. It vibrates when I am sitting for too long, which is a plus as a desk worker. Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker, Fitbit Premium 1-Year Trial, 24/7 Heart Rate Purchase Here

This one is a favorite of my husband. Although it’s too bulky to fit my small wrists, most people love it. Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness & Activity Tracker with Built in GPS, Heart Rate, Sleep, & Swim Tracking.

8. Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker and Sterilizer, Rice Cooker Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker Steamer, Sautee, Yogurt Maker and Warmer, 6 Quart. 14 One-Touch Programmes

It should be easy to prepare quick meals at home. We just bought this unit for our husband. We love how quick it cooks rice, quinoa and meat. It has made delicious recipes in half the time it normally takes. Click Here to Buy

9. Quick Prep Paleo: Easy Whole-Food Recipes in 5-15 Minutes.

This recipe book will help you make healthier, faster meals. You can make delicious, quick meals that you can either bake or cook in the crockpot. Each recipe also includes beautiful photos. Get Quick Prep Paleo: Easy Whole-Food Recipes in 5-15 Minutes.

10. Bakerita: 100+ Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, and Refined Sugar-Free Recipes For the Modern Baker

This book could provide you with the information and recipes that you need to start cooking healthier, more delicious meals. Click Here.

11. Practical Paleo

This book contains easy and delicious recipes as well as guidance for meal plans that may help you with certain health conditions. Everything you need to know about eating paleo. Written by a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, this book will help you to get started with paleo. Click Here to Buy

12. Nom Nom Paleo – Food for Humans

This recipe book contains over 100 recipes, as well as funny and humorous step-by-step photos and cartoons. It makes cooking enjoyable! There are no added sugars or unprocessed ingredients. Click Here to Buy

13. Sugar Detox in 10 days: 100+ Recipes to Help You Get Rid of Sugar Cravings

This book includes shopping lists, recipes, and meal prep guides. It has everything you need to make changes that will last. Click Here to Buy.

14. Slow Juicer. Aeitto Celery Juicer Machines. Masticating Juicer. Cold Press Juicer.

A juicer is a great way to get more nutrients, vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables than if you just eat them whole. This juicer is great for detoxing and giving you lots of energy. I am actually adding this juicer to my Christmas wish list, as my old juicer was difficult to clean and sucked some of the juice. Based on extensive research, this was the best option. Click Here to Buy

15. NutriBullet

This machine is great for making smoothies as well as sauces, homemade guacamole and salad dressings. It’s quick and easy to use. It is easy to use and clean up, as I use it often for smoothies. Get it here.

16. Original SpiraLife Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

This spiralizer makes it easy to make zucchini noodles. You can also find recipe ideas. You can use zucchini noodles in many popular pasta recipes. At least five of my favorite zucchini noodle dishes are here. Click Here.

17.6-Quart Electric Cooker with Poached, Scrambled, Hard Boiled or Omelets

This makes it easy to make eggs fast and requires less effort. This makes the perfect hard-boiled eggs and can be cooked in the morning as you get ready for work. This is my husband’s favorite easy breakfast. Hard-boiled eggs can be added to a salad, or eaten in a sandwich. Get it here.

18.Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, 8-Inch

Cast-iron skillets give you a better sear for your meat which adds more flavor to it. This skillet makes the best stir-fry. We use this size, plus the 6-inch and 10-inch versions often. These are essential for anyone who loves to cook. Click Here.

Fa La La A Wellness Christmas (18 Ideas for Gifts) The Wellness Resolution.

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