What makes a brand new product stand out? ONYX Pilates

Ever thought of creating a new product to fill a gap in the market? The creation of a space to fill is the birth of a new idea and / or product. Many people find the idea of “what’s required” a common one. How many times have we heard ourselves say, “That’s a great idea! I should have thought of that!”

It takes courage and a little bit of madness to actually put pen to paper or hire a design company to make something happen.

Jonathan Montet, my business partner at ONYX Interactive is that person.

He wanted a better Pilates exercise during the pandemic. Although he owned a Legree mega-reformer and a Peloton treadmill, he found that he was unable to do proper Pilates workouts because he moved around the screen to see it.

ONYX, a new dual tension, dual platform Pilates Reformer machine was created.

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