5 Best Low-Carb Substitutes for your Favorite Foods on Keto

These low-carb ingredient substitutes can be used in your next Keto-Friendly recipe

low carb mac & cheese

Shirataki Bacon Mac & cheese via Dukantopia. Laziness Rating: 6/10 -4 (for having to actually cook/bake) Delicious Rating Rating: 5 stars based upon 1 review Calories and carbs: varies Protein: varies Fat : varies Some of the most delicious comfort foods in the world are full of carbs. You will be able to get out of ketosis with comfort foods like pasta, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes and pizza. This is bad news if you are trying to stick to a strict ketogenic diet. But don’t panic! You can find lower-carb versions to your favorite foods. There are many creative and sometimes controversial ingredient substitutions that can make carb-heavy meals keto-friendly. What if I said you could make low-carb bread with almond flour instead of wheat flour? You can. You can, although I am too lazy to make bread. However, I can point you in the right direction. This post doesn’t aim to create new low-carb dishes. This post is meant to help you find the best low-carb options. By tomorrow, you could be enjoying keto-friendly breads, pastas, pizzas, and other treats. So let’s do it.

1. Substitute Low-Carb Tortillas forRegular Flour Tortillas

low-carb keto friendly tortillas

Image by Jodi Pudge/Radius Images/Getty Images. Tortillas are incredible because they maximize your ability to shovel food in your mouth. That’s always a good thing. You don’t want to risk your health by constantly lifting a fork. Fajitas, burritos, and other Mexican food staples are not to be missed if you’re following a low-carb, keto, or paleo diet. You’ll find yourself back in culinary Tex-Mex paradise in no time if you pick up any of these low-carb tortillas. Although I have not tried the coconut wraps by Julian’s Bakery, they are highly-rated. 3g net carbs)Mama Lupe Low Carb Tortillas 60 calories The food is wrapped in lettuce. Here’s how to make Italian sub-leaf wraps.

2. Substitute Shirataki Noodles for Regular Italian Pasta Noodles

keto diet pho with shirataki noodles

Image by /u/WardyHeinberg on Reddit. Pasta in all its forms is a favorite food of all cultures. It doesn’t matter what type of pasta you choose, whether it’s macar & cheese, pho or lo mein. Regular pasta is rich in starchy carbohydrates that can raise your blood sugar levels to the moon. You don’t need that. Many ketoers recommend making imitation mac and cheese with cauliflower, instead of noodles. But, I don’t want cauliflower near my food. Shirataki noodles are my preferred method of achieving traditional pasta’s texture and flavor. Shirataki noodles come from the Japanese konjac root, also known as the “elephant-yam”. They are also gluten-free and have zero calories. Seriously. They are a great noodle that can be dipped in low-carb sauces and broths. net carbs)No Oodles Zero Carb Shirataki Noodles (Angel Hair) 0 calories

3. Substitute BisQuick Baking mix for CarbQuik Baking Blend

keto diet cheddar biscuit

CarbQuik Cheddar Bay Biscuit via Genaw.com I have to admit that I don’t like baking. I find baking a little too labor-intensive and time-consuming for my liking. CarbQuik baking mixes opens up new possibilities for keto-friendly food for those willing to work in the kitchen. Carbquik can be used to make everything from biscuits and pancakes to sandwich bread and pizza crust. CarbQuik is made with Carbalose flour which contains enzyme-modified Wheat and plant fiber. This new type of baking mix is very similar to BisQuick, but contains at least 90% less carbs per serving. It’s not bad at all. 2g net carbs) Recommended RecipesBacon Keto PancakesPumpkin Bread with Cinnamon Cream CheeseCheddar Bay Keto BiscuitsLow Carb Pizza

4. You can substitute Almond Flour for Coconut Flour, or White Wheat Flour with White Wheat Flour.

keto diet sliders

Coconut Flour Sliders at 24/7 Low Carb Diner By key, I mean monster. There are great alternatives, such as almond flour or coconut flour. This means that you can still enjoy cookies, biscuits, breads, and other baked goods on a ketogenic diet. Almond flour is a healthier option for keto because it has less carbs and more fat than coconut flour. If you prefer it gluten-free, it is also available. It is important to remember that almond and coconut flour can be used in place of wheat flour. If you are a beginner like me, I recommend sticking to highly-rated almond/coconut flour recipe. This will prevent you accidentally making a watery mess or overcooked mess. You can then blame me for it! Carolyn, from All Day I Dream About Food, has great tips for cooking with almond flour. If you are interested in learning more, I recommend you visit her blog. Comparison of Different Flour Types Nutrition Info (100g). Fat Protein Carbs, Glyc. Index FiberNet CarbsAlmond flour 49.7g 21.2g 21.2g 10.6gg Coconut Flour 14g 14g 56.3g 11 35.2g 21g White Wheat Flour 3.g11.7g 76.22g 71.2.4g 73.8g Rice Flour 1.2g 5g 80g 982.5 g 77.5g Variable by brand Original chart by Elana’s Pantry. You can order bags, almond or coconut flour from Amazon. Honeyville is a very well-reviewed brand. 3g net carbs)Holy Grail Low Carb Pizza with Almond Flour 294 calories

5. Substitute Stevia for Sugar

chocolate peanut butter fat bombs

Fat Cat Cuisine Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Everyone deserves a treat from time to time, but I believe everyone has the right to a treat. Ketoers are included in this category. Sugar-free snacks are now more readily available in American stores due to the rise in Type 2 Diabetes. Reese peanut butter cups and Hershey’s candy can be found sugar-free. Both are delicious. They’re also packed with sugar alcohols such as Maltitol or Erythritol which can cause blood sugar to spike and could lead to upset stomach. Stevia is a great sweetener alternative. Stevia extract, a natural sweetener, is made from Stevia plants. It has zero calories, zero carbs, and absolutely zero effect on blood sugar. It is a great choice for low-carb and keto people who want to satisfy their sweet tooth. It doesn’t leave behind the bitter aftertaste that can be found in artificial sweeteners such as Splenda. This has resulted in a huge increase in its popularity. There are many great recipes. You can pick up a few and make your own. Let me know your favorite recipes using any of the keto-friendly ingredients in the comments. I will include them in my next post. Keto On – Share this post now!

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