Are you struggling with weight loss?

Are you having trouble losing weight?

Today’s post has been delayed due to some issues that prevented us from publishing new posts last week. I was thinking of talking to my readers about the side effects associated with being overweight. Let me tell you, from personal experience, that delayed periods are the worst. Let’s talk about weight loss struggles, and delayed periods.

We all know that ovaries produce eggs during ovulation. This occurs approximately once every 28 days. Periods that are not fertilized by eggs start 14 days later. Missed periods are generally considered to be a sign of pregnancy in India. However, there may be other reasons.

You may be aware that amenorrhea is a condition in which a woman stops having menstrual cycles for more than 3 months. This affects almost 3-4 percent of women.

We will discuss the causes of delayed periods as well as how to manage them with home remedies. Women panic when their menstrual cycle is delayed by more than three to four days. (Ask Indian mothers about it…hahaha)

What causes delayed periods?

Do you struggle with weight loss? This could be related to your delayed periods.


This has happened during lockdowns and Covid19 days, when many of us were struggling to keep up with our normal activity levels. There are good chances that you will experience a prolonged delay in periods if your lifestyle is sedentary. The main reason is inactivity. You don’t have to be a gym person, but it is a good idea to get back into your routine of walking. If housewives are active in their home and take care of their children, then workouts automatically happen for them.


This is the most serious problem, especially for younger people. Stress can lead to delayed periods for many working women. It is a well-known fact that stress can cause a reduction in the amount of hormones that make one menstruate. It is important to learn how you can de-stress. You can find some tips in our blog posts here and there.

Lifestyle changes

Workplace shift changes can have a significant impact on sleep and relationship status. These lifestyle changes can cause a delay in periods. The body’s ability to adapt to the changes causes a health problem. It is important to maintain a consistent lifestyle.


Your periods may be delayed if you have thyroid-related health problems or are sick. Anemia can cause irregular menstrual cycles. This article will help you to manage irregular periods. Changes in medication can cause a shift in the cycle.

Obesity/Being Overweight

This is the main reason for missed periods. Obesity can cause a shift in your cycle and even stop it for good, causing weight gain. Gynecologists recommend that women who are having difficulty conceiving reduce their weight. This problem can be solved by weightloss.

Being Underweight

Women who are very thin or lean, but not enough body fat, may experience irregular periods. For underweight women gaining weight can solve problem. Learn more.

There are few other causes.

There are several phases in women’s lives when their periods can be delayed, such as Menopause, Perimenopause, and Pregnancy. It is not necessary to tell the world that you should consult your doctor.

Diet matters

One thing that I have noticed is the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. It should include all tastes and colors.

Do you believe there are other causes for periods being delayed?

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