Easy Weight Loss Diet In Summer

Easy Weight Loss Diet In Summer with lots of fruits and drinks.

Easy To Follow Weight Loss Diet During Summer

We sweat, drink chilled water, eat fresh juicy watermelons and mangoes, sweat again, bathe at least four to five times a day; that’s the full-blown summer season in India. In fact, this is the perfect time to follow any weight loss diet effectively. Not only bountiful of sweaty days and sunburns, summers mean lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables that are a treasure house of nutrition.

During the summer months, neither do we feel hungry nor crave spicy, greasy, and oily foods. Since the body craves cold light foods and chilled beverages more, we tend to add to drink more and more water during the day. Thus summertime can be the best time to lose weight as we fill up with hydrating foods and low sugar beverages more than usual.

If you are also like many others wanting to shed kilos quickly, you are at the right point of time as it is summer going on which means it’s time to make the most of your most effective fat-burning diet.

Weight loss diet plan for summer

Are you waiting for a summer diet meal plan to lose weight? Let us assist you in making things easy. Check out our easy weight loss diet for summer.


All that you should plan to do is, to keep your body cool.

You must include a bowl of fruit or a glass of fresh fruit shakes like that of mango in your breakfast.You can add oats to your glass of mango milkshake without sugar.Porridge or vermicelli cooked with vegetables is a good breakfast option while on a diet.

void these…

Avoid eggs during summer in case if you are planning to be out in the sun the whole day.Nuts and seeds are also not good to be included in breakfast. They can cause a rise in the body’s temperatures.Spices like clove, ginger, etc in tea can be the main cause of heartburn and acidity.


Staying away from oil during lunch is the way to go while following a weight loss diet during summers.

Rotis with a bowl of dal and dry vegetables is a great idea. Having dal for lunch is a must in a diet for weight lossSince Dals are a rich source of protein especially for vegetarians on a weight loss dietA very good option for a simple salad is raw veggies like cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes to have a cooling effect on your body.

void these…

All types of fatty foods must be kept at a bay during lunch as it is surely going to make you feel damn lazy and sleepy.Just steer clear of any kind of junk food as not only will it kill your weight loss efforts, but also increase heat in your body making it difficult to work especially in this work-from-home scenario.

Easy Weight Loss Diet In Summer with healthy beverages is an interesting way to control your health.


Eat fruits as a post-lunch or a mid-day snack to keep hunger pangs in control.Include a drink like a glass of buttermilk, limewater, or aam Panna as your mid-meals snack.

void these…

Fried and packaged snacksCoffee/teaSugary drinks


Pumpkin, Bottle gourd, and ridged gourdare wonderful options as these are super hydrating vegetables available during the summer months. These must be eaten for dinner with Roti or a small portion of rice.Any vegetable you cook must be made with little to no oil.Dinner must be light on the stomach and should be filling enough as a great dinner meal during summer.

void these…

You must not eat any heavy, oily, and overcooked greasy food for dinner in the summer season.If you are on a weight loss diet, avoid drinking tea or coffee post-dinner even if you have to work till late. The caffeine content can mess with your sleep schedule.Keeping your Dinner light in the form of cold soups like cucumber soup is the key to a healthy metabolism, digestion and as a result an accelerated weight loss result.

Hydrate all day long

Stay hydrated to lose weight better. Keep it as simple as that. Follow one simple rule… One glass of zero-calorie beverage or water every hour is a must. Anyone wanting to shed kilos faster needs to follow it. Thus the best way to beat dehydration is to drink water, coconut water, lemon water, or other Indian summer drinks like kanji and Aam Panna, or Sattu. These will keep you hydrated. An important thing to remember is that the lesser the amount of sugar, the better it will be for you. Keep yourself loaded with electrolytes for the sake of good health during weight loss.

Happy summer weight loss. Stay safe, stay home.

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