How to avoid injury at the gym

How to Avoid Injury at the Gym

With the opening of the world and Covid 19 waves, I’m seeing more people running to the gym. Unprepared people can get hurt. Today, we will share some tips to help you avoid injury in the gym.

This is a serious matter that must be addressed. Although we all work hard to get fit, sometimes our lack of knowledge, awareness, or guidance can cause us to injure ourselves.
We can only take a few precautions to avoid injuries. These are things I’ve learned over the years and have used to my advantage in avoiding injuries.
Let me tell you about the most common injuries that can occur while exercising and what preventive measures are available to avoid them.

Injuries to the body parts

1) Knee joint
2) Ankles
3) Heels
4) Lower back
5) Shoulder Joints
6) Hamstrings
ccessories To Prevent Injury
I’ll list both mandatory and optional accessories that can help you avoid injury. It is something I learned from personal experience. Although I have not suffered any serious injuries, I have had to deal with minor ones and was able recover quickly.
Sport Shoes (Mandatory). – Avoid wearing slippers or flat shoes for exercises, especially if they have a thin base. Sport shoes must be flexible and have good cushioning. These shoes are not only expensive, but they also last a long time. Health is more important than money. You will pay multiple times the amount you paid for ordinary shoes if you rupture or break a tendon.

The left shoe is my favorite of the two. Good shoes will protect your feet, ankles, and tendons. This article will help you choose the right sports shoes for your type of exercise.
Optional knee cap support – This is for when your knees are being pressurized while performing exercises such as running or jumping. If you do heavy weight lifting, such as deep squats and deep lunges, your knees may be affected. To protect your knees, people who have suffered from previous injuries should use a knee support.

Ankle Support (optional).- I’ve heard many girls complain about their ankle pain. Ankle support can be helpful if you have suffered from ankle injuries.

How To Avoid Injury At The Gym anke support

Buy light-weight ones to make sure they fit in your shoes.
Optional: A pair of soft silicone gel cushions that fit comfortably in your shoes. They also relax your heels when you are running, squatting or deadlifting. These are great for anyone who feels pain in their heels.

How To Avoid Injury At The Gym heel support

Optional Gym Belt: This belt is for people with low back problems. It helps prevent slipped discs. You may not need it if you do free weight exercises.

How To Avoid Injury At The Gym belt

Because they are light and easy to adjust, I prefer the ones on my left.
These are the only types of equipment that can be used to prevent injury in the gym. Next, I’ll discuss some of the safety precautions that should be taken when doing a few popular exercises.

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