How to Keep Fit and Sexy During Winter

How to Stay Fit and Sexy in Winter

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Winters are when things are at their best. Do you know that winters can be a time of great weight gain? Winters are more weight-intensive than other seasons for many reasons.

They are –
1. We are taught to believe that more food is necessary to keep warm. But, is this true? The truth is that those with more fat feel colder and eat more to keep warm. This leads to an increase in weight. We need brown fat to help us burn calories and keep warm, while white fat stores more calories.
2. Winters can make us feel hungry more often than normal. This could be due to melatonin hormones. These hormones are triggered by darkness and contribute more sleep and more appetite.
3. Another example is that if you don’t eat as much in winters, you still gain weight. This is because Vitamin D is made by sunlight and a low amount of Vitamin D causes your body to store more fat.
4. Winters are when we tend to eat more unhealthy foods. Due to the lack of activities during winter, we crave sweets like brownies, cakes, and fried foods. This results in more calories that are difficult to burn. We tend to stay inside and stock up on warm clothes, which helps us reduce our activity.
Weight gain is the result. There are ways to stay fit and trim during winter.

How to Stay Fit and Sexy in Winter

1. Smart Indulgence

Avoid high sugar and fat-storing temptations. Choose low-sugar, nutrient-rich food. Do not eat cookies or fried foods. Instead, include hot chocolate, raw almonds, unsweetened coconut milk, and chocolate protein powders. You can replace potatoes with seasonal green vegetables in your main course.

2. Keep track of the food you eat

It has been proven that people who track their food intake lose more than those who don’t. You can either keep a journal or download an app to do this. Keep track of calories and write down everything you eat. You will be able to see where you are succeeding in losing weight by weighing yourself on a weekly basis.

3. Get more fiber in your diet

To keep hunger pangs away, you should include 25 to 35gms of fiber in your daily diet. You can get fiber from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and berries. This will help you feel fuller for longer periods of time and stabilize your blood sugar, helping you avoid high sugar cravings.

4. Plan your meals

You don’t have to cook your next meal if you feel you don’t have the time. Instead, prepare some pre-cooked meals or vegetables and keep them in the fridge. These preparations will save you time and help you avoid ordering last-minute junk food. You can save yourself the trouble of eating too many sugary cupcakes if you are going to a large party.

5. Exercise

Do not skip winter workouts. Make a schedule, and stick to it. High intensity training will give you better results in a shorter time. If you aren’t able to exercise in your daily schedule, get up earlier. Do not be lazy and wait for winter to start


It’s simple to say, but hard to do.

6. After and before parties

Although winter is full of parties, I recommend that you eat a protein shake at breakfast or lunch. This will help to keep sugar levels in check and allow you to eat light after the party.
These tips will hopefully help you stay in shape this winter.


Are there any other ways to avoid winter weight gain? Please share your knowledge with us

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