How to look slim and toned.

How to appear toned and curvy?

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The perfect hourglass figure is something every girl longs for, but it is rare. A mere 8.4% of women have the perfect hourglass figure. Don’t despair, help is available! With the right workouts and a few tricks, you can eat healthy. You can make your body look perfect by focusing on the right exercises.

How to appear toned and curvy?

Get your body type determined

There are four types of body:

Rectangle –

If your body is rectangular, your shoulders, bust and waistline are all almost the same size.


The hourglass-like figure!


If your lower body is bigger than your upper body, it could be your body shape.


It is also known as the inverted triangle, which is when your shoulders are wider then your hips.

Each one requires a different type of exercise.

Your body shape is the basis of your workout

Hourglass shape:

Even if your body is in a good shape, you still need to exercise! To tone and tighten your body, you only need to do a few exercises. You should also do circuit training for fat loss at least 3-4 times per week. Circuit training is high-intensity aerobics. It’s also a form resistance training. A circuit is a complete program that includes all the exercises.

Rectangle Shape:

This shape requires a smaller waist and a curvier stomach to appear hourglass. You will need to work out a lot for your lower body, and do a few fat loss exercises for the entire body each week. You should also do 1-2 core or upper body exercises per week.


Your lower body needs to be worked on, along with total body fat loss. You need to tone your upper body by doing upper body exercises and core workouts. Converting a conical body into a curvy body is difficult, but it is possible if you’re focused.

Pyramid Shaped:

You will need to exercise every week to tone your abs and do full body and lower-body fat loss exercises to transform your body into an hourglass shape. To lose additional fat, the lower half must be toned.

For a toned, curvy body, eat right

Eight decades ago, the average body shape for women was an hourglass. It’s surprising, right? What’s the story? Credit goes to all the processed foods we eat.
Today’s food contains carbs, proteins, and fats but does not contain micronutrients. Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. These foods are deficient in essential nutrients, which is necessary for healthy weight and body fat. These types of foods are all around us. What are you able to do?
Tip 1 – Choose the least processed foods. You have the option of organic, grass-fed dairy, hormone-free, and pesticide-free options.
Tip 2: Avoid crash dieting. Reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol, and quit smoking. Reduce your intake of high fructose Corn Syrup. Do not overtrain at the gym. Reduce stress. Avoid using the microwave.
Why do I keep pining at this? Because all the above-mentioned things can further drain your nutrients.
Tip 3 – Choose natural supplements that can be mixed into your power shakes, rather than adding weight loss pills. They should be beneficial to your body, not cause harm. It should contain vitamins and minerals. It should also have antioxidants and probiotic properties.

Get ready to think

After covering nutrition and workout, let’s get to the important part: the mind. Your thoughts on achieving a dream-like figure will reflect negatively on your success. Positive thoughts and images will keep your mind occupied. The real motivation is found within.
Keep your body toned and curvy! Keep your body toned and curvy!

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