How to Remove Sugar Completely From Your Diet

How to completely eliminate sugar from your diet

I wrote in a previous post about sugar that sugar was like Mr. India. It is invisible.

Yet, it is present in many of the foods that we believe have no sugar.
Sugar addiction makes you want it more. Here are some ways to curb sugar cravings. I will be writing more about sugar addiction in the coming posts.

Let’s find out how to completely eliminate sugar from your diet

Step 1 – Get rid of all refined sugar in your kitchen

This isn’t Mr. India. It’s very visible. Stevia can replace refined sugar in your tea/coffee. Brown sugar is a good alternative if you cannot eat sugar in a dish.

Step 2 – Stop drinking sugary beverages

Sugary drinks include sweetened coffee cans and aerated drinks.
Although you might think you should read labels before you buy anything at your local supermarket, the people who market these products think you are crazy. Labels on food products are often flawed. You can’t trust them. The best thing to do is eliminate all sugary drinks. You can have a glass or diet coke if you absolutely cannot live without them. These aren’t sinless, but they are better than the rest.

Step 3 – Get rid junk food

How To Completely Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet

Junk food always contains sugar, no matter how sweet it is. Candies, cookies, chocolates, candies, chocolates and health bars (yes, they are just as bad as junk food) as well as ice creams and ice creams all constitute sweet junk food. Popcorn, readymade soups, chips and pasta, as well as pizza, are all junk foods that contain sugar. However, they don’t taste sweet. Junk food is addictive, sweet or not. You can’t tell if a food is junk, so just treat it as junk. It is always best to avoid any food that you are unsure of.
It may take you 2-3 weeks or a few weeks to achieve this non-junk state, but it is possible. Although you may not be able avoid junk all the time, 80% success is impossible. It’s not about perfection, but doing better each time.
Make a list of processed foods you don’t like and get rid of them. These foods should not be included in your grocery list.

Step 4: Switch from bad carbs and good carbs

Once you get there, the job is half done. Don’t forget to smile! Your body will be grateful that you stopped eating sugary junk food in the past. It is possible to experience headaches, but it is only a temporary condition. There is no turning back.
You will notice an increase in energy and glowing skin within a few days. You’ll feel less hungry, irritable and stressed.

Step 5 – Discard all taste-enhancing foods

Sauces, ketchups, jams and other side dishes are all things we eat along with our main meals. Tomato sauce and omelette negates the benefits of eggs with the sugar in the sauce. It’s worth a look!
All foods that are labeled healthy, such as low fat, low calorie and sugar free, no fat, or no sugar, are bad. They could contain harmful elements such as hydrogenated oil and aspartame.

Step 6: Keep at it and continue to eat this new way

For the rest of your life, eat natural and less processed foods. Give your body the health and nutrition it needs after all the hard work. You can indulge once in a while, but you must keep to your healthy eating habits. Check out these recipes to see how healthy food can be delicious.
Finally, if you are unable to do it all on your own, and need support, sign up for our weight loss program. Details here.

Are you willing to give up sugar?

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