Indian Keto Diet Plan For Karwa Chauth

Indian Keto-Free Diet Plan for Karwa Chauth during the Keto Weight Loss Journey

Indian Keto-Free Diet Plan for Karwa Chauth during the Keto Weight Loss Journey

Beautiful Indian women!

After a long period of COVID 19, I went to the market last night and realized that we finally get to enjoy the normal celebrations and festivities. I felt the Karwa Chauth magic as I watched the beautiful women get henna on the palms, shop for sweets, dry fruits, and shopping bangles. So I decided to share something that Indian women would love. Here is the Indian Keto Free Diet plan for Karwa Chauth during Keto Weight Loss Journey ….. This is for women on a Keto weight-loss journey. You can find some great weight loss options in the blog by checking out the links.

You should have a list of Sargi goodies ready

Here’s a list of goodies and treats that will make you ready for the filling Ketogenic diet at Sargi, which is the first meal of the day.

Fresh Coconut waterFresh Coconut chunks or coconut malaiCurdCottage cheese or PaneerPomegranate seedsAppleAlmondsWalnutsSpinachBesan / gram flour

Keto dieters will have noticed that none the above mentioned items are high in carbs, so they can be a great way to start the Karwa Chauth fasting. Let’s start with ….

Coconut water

Coconut water is the best way to start your day after drinking regular water. Coconut water can be used as a detox drink if consumed empty stomach. Coconut water can help boost digestion and keep your electrolytes balanced.

Coconut malai or fresh coconut chunks

Coconut malai / coconut cream and coconut chunks are great ways to increase good fats in your keto diet. You can find out more about fresh coconut here.

Almonds and Walnuts

While on a ketogenic diet, it is a good idea for you to eat a few nuts soaked like 6 almonds and 2 walnuts. These nuts help to maintain energy levels throughout the day. You can add a few more seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower and watermelon to increase the fats content. These are all keto-friendly because they are low carb, high-fat seeds. Because of their dense nutrients and energy, these will help you feel fuller. You can absorb more nutrients if you combine all the nuts and seeds.

Buttermilk/ Curd/ Lassi

You can make curd into a lassi, or add it to a green smoothie. This …. link will take you to a recipe for hung curd salad that is low in carbs and provides a refreshing start to your fasting days.

Paneer/ Cottage cheese

A wonderful addition to an early morning Sargi platter is paneer or cottage cheese. It can be eaten raw or cooked in any way you prefer. This easy recipe for Paneer butter masala is low in carb ….

Fresh fruits

You can add fresh fruits such as apples, kiwi, and pomegranates to your Sargi meals. They can be eaten as chat, or added to a smoothie with some chia seeds.

Besan or gram flour

Make besan cheesela if you are looking for something solid for your Keto breakfast. You can either stuff it with paneer, or add curd. Being low in GI, besan is great for weight loss.

Greens like spinach

Spinach is a great way to keep full throughout the day. Besan Cheela can be made with Palak paneer, or you can add spinach leaves to your seeds-laden coconut milk smoothie. For added health benefits, you can simply blend everything together and then add Himalayan pink Salt to it. Here you have it…

Traditional Sargi fans who don’t follow a low-carb or Ketogenic diet can enjoy overnight oats with chia fruits and a cauliflower stuffed roti. This is a wonderful way to stay full throughout the day.

This Karwa Chauth is happy and fulfilling for all the wonderful Indian women out there.

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