Interval Training For Mental Health; Let Us Do It.

Interval Training For Mental Health; Let Us Do It.

Interval Training for Mental Health, Let’s do it!, Photo by Nick Fewings at UnsplashHey dearies.
How are you doing? Aren’t the winters coming in earlier this year than usual? After a terrible bout with viral fever, I feel this way. This weather is actually something I love to do. However, something is really happening. Although I had intended to resume my workouts about a month ago, due to family illness and travel, I have not been able. I’m too tired to even consider doing so. I realized recently that no matter how careful you may be, your mental health should always be under constant watch. The hep Interval training has been my way of doing this for a long time. Interval Training For Mental Health. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.
I shared my Intervals schedule with my readers previously. I don’t know how many people have actually started to follow that, but I believe there’s a need for us to talk about the risks and safety tips when doing Intervals.

Intervals are my favorite thing about them. There is no hard and fast rule. You can do it however you like and you’ll be rewarded. It was difficult for me to walk 2 km in an hour. I started to feel more confident when I tried intervals of walking. I would go slow, fast, and faster each time, but it took only 2 minutes.
In addition to gaining speed and stamina I also started jogging. This too started with a few jogging steps every few minutes. It is all about fast, brisk runs or walks. Although I have not been to a gym, I recommend adding intervals to your workouts once per week to help you burn more calories and improve your fitness. If you are a regular runner, jogger or walker, Intervals can be easily added to your running, walking and jogging routines.

Benefits of Intervals

Increased calories burned as it is more intense than regular walking. It also helps to keep you busy and keeps you entertained. This is essential to keep your motivation up and running strong. No special equipment is required. One can modify any routine by adding shorter bursts or faster running, jogging, or walking. A good playlist of happy, upbeat music can make a difference. Any mood can be lifted by a good walk, with both slow and fast paces. Intervals are a great way to get out of mood swings.
After warming up, increase intensity for 30 seconds, then return to normal. You can make a difference in your game by increasing the intensity for a period of two to three minutes. This will increase oxygen and give you a rush of adrenaline, which allows the happy hormones to kick in.

How to make your Interval Training session safe

Before we start with Intervals, there are a few things that we need to remember.
Do not do too many intervals. Pushing is okay, but not too much. Keep your pace steady and challenging. It is foolish to try to do everything and then get hurt by doing nothing the next week. This is counterproductive for your mental health. You must strive for happiness and not be sad. You can start with a few repetitions, then increase the number over time. It’s important to exercise with caution. You only get one chance at your life. Live life, be safe and love life


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