Keto-friendly Popsicle Recipe Ideas


Popsicles that are keto-friendly are a delicious summer treat. They can also be used to cool off and keep your child hydrated during hot days. These are great for sick days, when your child doesn’t feel like drinking or eating. Here are some ideas for recipes. Before trying new recipes, please consult your keto medical team.

Summer Snacks

You can make summer versions of your KetoCal smoothies by freezing them in popsicle moulds.

Chocolate Popsicles: Use our Chocolate Smoothie recipe to make chocolatey popsicles Berrysicles – Use our Strawberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry Smoothie Recipes for your favorite flavor of berrysicles

Refreshing Treats

Some dietitians will allow sugar- and carb-free electrolyte beverages, such as Powerade(r), Zero Sugar*. For a refreshing, easy and quick summer treat, check with your dietitian.

Other ideas

These recipes from the Charlie Foundation are great for popsicle inspiration.

Berries & Cream Mini Popsicles Coconut Lime Popsicles

*POWERADE is a trademarked mark of The Coca-Cola Company. It is not associated with Nutricia North America. The inclusion of brand-name ingredients is done to enable Nutricia provide accurate nutrition information for the recipe. It does not mean that the recipe, Nutricia, or Nutricia products have been sponsored, endorsed, or associated with the trademark owner.

KetoCal is a medicine food that should only be used under medical supervision. Talk to your healthcare provider about KetoCal.

This information was provided by Nutricia North America.

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