Keto Tater Tots

Keto Tater Tots

Keto Tater Tots2018-10-20 10:28.16

Yields 4.This recipe is a healthy alternative to traditional tater-tots. It’s loaded with cheese so it is keto and low carb friendly. After the app is installed, you will see the ingredients list. Steam until tender. Blend in food processor until the cauliflower looks like mashed potatoes. Let the cauliflower cool. Then, place it on a dishcloth and squeeze out excess water. Mix until the mixture becomes thick and can be used. You can add 1 teaspoon of psyllium powder. If necessary, add more psyllium husk powder 1 tsp. Fry 6-9 at once, turning as they brown. Lay on paper towels to cool, then serve.PrintThe Keto Diet Recipe Cafe

Keto Tater Tots




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