Love Thyself and Love Your Body

Love Thyself, Love Your Body (Repost).

Ps. Ps. Tarun discusses self acceptance and unconditional love in this post.

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Every girl dreams of eating but not getting fat.

You are so awesome! Every girl desires to look beautiful, charming and slim.

A girl who is overweight can become demotivated on her journey to weight loss. She quits exercising and eats junk food. It might seem like she is failing. It’s not true.
Talking about me, even though I lost a few kgs, this feeling of negativity still takes over my life every month. It will be a long process, but I am confident that I can achieve my weight loss goals. Sometimes I feel sad. Stress can make me feel sad. My routine and my discipline in eating that I have inculcated with so much hardwork go stale. What can I do? I used to love pizza and pasta as a child.
What do I do now? I’ve learned to recognize my progress step-by-step with small prizes


. That way, I don’t get discouraged. I say to myself, “Ooooooh I look so good!” when I lose 1-2kgs. It’s what you call self-obsession. Maybe you’re right! I love me just the way I am. No doubt that I want to be healthier, happier, and more mentally sharp every day of my existence. Every day should be filled with a better me. I love myself, even though my passion for improvement is what keeps me going.
When I feel a slight drop in my weight, or an inch loss, I return the weighing scale to its original position and get on my bed.


. I love going to the parlor and taking pleasure in my grooming. I am already smitten by the idea of a facial or a massage.


You can!
I remember thinking that before I bought a dress, I should wait a while to lose weight. That is no longer my style. I only buy a dress that fits me well and will last me a long time. Yes, when I get to my ideal weight, I want to see the trail of all the large clothes I no longer need.
This post was written because I was told by someone that she hates her self! She claimed that she is overweight and hates how she looks. However, I know that she can’t change it. This conversation made me feel a bit depressed.
Let me take this opportunity to tell you, ladies, that you are beautiful just the way you are. You are the best person you can be. You can always improve in any area of your life, but you shouldn’t hate yourself. You can’t love anyone else if you don’t love yourself! Be your favorite! Kareena’s famous line – Main Meri Favorite Hoon.. is how I stay happy!

Love Thy Body Love Thyself

Beauty is being yourself. Self acceptance is the key to beauty.

I Love Thy Body, Love Thyself

You are welcome! How about you?

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