Low Carb and Sugar Free Chocolate Recipes

Low Carb, Sugar-Free Chocolate Recipes

My weight loss journey began with one of my most challenging tasks: controlling my sweet tooth and limiting my carb intake. Atkins Diet Program was helping me lose weight quickly so I didn’t want any sweet cravings to slow down my progress. When I was searching for something sweet and chocolaty without too many carbs, I came across this wonderful recipe for chocolate that was both sugar-free and low in carbs. That recipe is mine and I’d love to share it with anyone who’s on a weight loss journey. Oh, my! It’s so good!
Did I mention that it took me just 15 minutes to make the final product? And it only took me less than 15 seconds to finish the job. Check the nutritional data for my Low Carb Dark Chocolate before you make it at home. Smart dieters know to always read labels before making a decision about any food product.

Information on nutrition for low carb sugar free chocolate

2 large chunks of beef for each serving
Calories – 69
Carbohydrates – 4 (not bad at any)
It’s okay! No more talking, just follow the instructions.

Low Carb, Sugar-Free Chocolate Recipes


5 Tablespoons unsweetened Cocoa powder. I like Weikfield.5 Tablespoons Coconut powder (65gms by mass)Stevia or any other zero carb sweetener. A few drops of vanilla extract is optional.
These chocolates can be prepared in two different ways.

1. Microwave Version

Mix the coconut oil, cocoa and stevia in a bowl until well combined. The result will be a thick paste.

coconut oil chocolate mix

Stir in vanilla extract. Mix the vanilla extract and taste the mixture. Stir well. The chocolate mixture should be very smooth and not too runny. Microwave for another 5 seconds if necessary. Keep warm.

2. No Cook Version

Mix the coconut oil, cocoa and stevia in a bowl until well combined. The mixture will form a thick paste. Add vanilla extract. Mix well. The chocolate mixture should be soft but not too runny for best results. You can add more cocoa if necessary. Set aside.

coconut oil chocolate

P.S. These chocolates can be customized in many ways. You can also add chopped nuts or dry fruits.

Homemade coconut oil Chocolate

These chocolates should be kept refrigerated as coconut oil melts quickly so it is best to keep them cold.

Did you find this Low Carb Sugar Free Chocolate Recipes useful? We’d love to hear from you if these delicious chunks were made at home.

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