Low-Carb Spicy Guacamole Tuna Salad Recipe – Nom Nom Nom!

Low-Carb Spicy Guacamole Tuna Salad Recipe (Ketogenic)

Ketogenic spicy guacamole tuna salad recipe

It might not be visually appealing, but it tastes amazing. It is a great source of fat thanks to the mayonnaise-guacamole combination. Are you struggling to get the right amount of fat for your macros? There’s no problem at all! Mix up this spicy guacamole tuna mix and you’ll be fine. It’s also very close to the ketogenic 60/35/5 macro. This recipe is not for those who want to make low-carb guacamole at home. Pre-packaged Sabra Guacamole is used in this recipe. This recipe is simple and delicious. High-fat foods fill you up and help you stay satisfied for longer. We all crave carbs. There’s no reason to be a cheat when you can easily make high-fat, simple foods with only a few ingredients. You might be thinking, “Oh no, this recipe requires celery, onions, sweet pickle relish.” It doesn’t. This blog is about making ketogenic food that’s quick, easy, delicious, and easy. Why spend 10 extra minutes chopping vegetables when you don’t need to? That’s ridiculous. Enjoy a guacamole tuna recipe that is very simple. Here are the actual calories for this meal: Fat: 65%Protein 31%Carbs 4%

Ingredients for KetoFlu.com guacamole tuna recipe

Cilantro flakes can’t be pictured. But you get it.


1 cup (2 cans). – Solid White Albacore tuna in water Cal: 244, Fat: 4g Prot : 52g Net Carbs 0:0:5 Tbsp. – Sabra Classic Guacamole Cal 125, Fat Cal: 10g Prot : 3g Net Carbs 0:0:1)1 teaspoon. – Cayenne Pepper Cal Cal: 6, Fat Cal: 6 Fat: 0. Prot : 0g Net Carbs 0g

Step-By–Step Directions

Open tuna cans. Drain the tuna cans. You can add more spices to your liking. Use the buttons below to share it on social media. Remember to use the #Keto hashtag

Spicy Guacamole Tuna Salad Recipe

Here’s a zoomed in shot of the final product. You can do it now. Please thank me later. Share, Share, and Share!

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