Stressed out and depressed Five Things to Avoid to Improve Mental Health

If you feel stressed and depressed These are the five things you need to avoid for better mental health. Photo by Matthew Ball at Unsplashre you stressed? These are five things that you should avoid if you want to improve your mental health.

India is experiencing a lot mental turmoil among its young people. Many of them are suffering from depression and stress-related mental health problems. COVID-19 is a major reason that many people have problems in their lives. Stress can affect not only the quality of our daily lives but also our relationships. There are some things you can do to reduce stress levels, such as avoiding work from home or overwork.

Five tips to improve mental health awareness

1. Do not be sleep deprived

Whatever the reason, high levels of stress can be caused by many factors. But sleep deprivation is one major factor. We are more susceptible to stress if we don’t get enough sleep. Anxiety can be caused by a lack of sleep. High levels of stress can impact our ability to get good sleep.To avoid sleep deprivation, you must have good sleep habits, such as avoiding electronic screens while sleeping, a structured sleep time, and dark curtains in your bedroom.

2. 2. Control the overload of work and study

You should not work from home, or if you are a student trying to use the work/study from home facility. It has been seen that youth take on too much work to achieve their goals. This causes them to become anxious, stressed, and creates conflict at home. These young people must understand that 24 hours is not enough time. Approximately 6-7 hours should be set aside for sleep and rest to avoid a stressful life.

3. Watch your diet

If one doesn’t pay attention to the ‘what’, ‘how and whys of the food they eat, stress and binge-eating are two of the worst combinations for mental health.

How you feel about yourself can be affected by what you eat. Stress can affect your cravings and lead to emotional eating, which is an inexorable circle. Learn more about stress and eating habits here.

4. Do not ignore exercise

Exercise is one way to get out of stress. Walking outside can help you cope with stress-building moments. It can also help you to reduce stress and build your resilience. It is a fact that it is difficult to get out of your four walls when you are suffering from mental health issues like depression and stress. Not exercising can lead to anxiety and stress. To avoid mental health problems, make Dopamine a regular part of your daily routine. Don’t be afraid to exercise outdoors or indoors, even if it is not something you want to do. You will feel less stressed if you push yourself to do it.

5. Do not engage in mindless, direct confrontation with anyone

Yes, it is true. It can be costly to get into a tense discussion or direct confrontation while you’re stressed. Budding relationships can go sour because someone is too stressed and tries to do too much at once. Don’t ruminate or overthink if you are stressed. Rumination can increase stress and make it more difficult to focus on the positive.

Photo by Lesly Juarez, UnsplashEveryone faces stressors. While it is normal to think about stressful situations in order to better understand them and make changes, there are also people who become obsessive, unproductive, or negative. To reduce stress levels, we must be conscious of our actions and avoid doing the things mentioned above. Preventing mental health problems is better than treating them.
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