Why Women Need to Lift Weights

Why women must lift weights

This is a topic that is often debated, especially among girls. Particularly in this country, girls are skeptical about training with dumbbells or barbells. It is not necessary to mention the issue of training heavy. Because a few of my female friends asked these questions, I am well aware of their doubts and have tried to address them as best I can.
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Cardio is not enough

No, you don’t want a toned and well-shaped body. Cardiovascular activities are only responsible for burning fat, not building muscle. Toning is all about muscle. Want curves? Lift!

Lifting weights can make girls appear more masculine.

The result of strength/weight/resistance training is not exactly same for male and female. The higher testosterone levels in males can make them bulkier. This is what causes their increased muscle size. Females are more estrogen-dependent and therefore don’t become bulky. It could be that there are fewer girls with large arms than you might have seen.
Steroid abuse

Are women supposed to lift heavy weights?
Yes. It is okay for women to lift heavy. Lifting weights increases metabolism, densifies bones, and improves hormonal regulation. Your central nervous system learns to recruit more muscle fibers on demand, making it easier to withstand physical stress. You must also squat, deadlift and deadlift heavy if you want well-shaped glutes.
Not everyone will need to be 100/200kgs.


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My trainer says that weightlifting is only for boys, and that running is enough for me.
Folks! The health industry, especially in this country, is a business that makes money. It’s all there, from gyms that charge 800/month to those that charge 3000/month. You will not be taken seriously by the other person unless you pay something extra (personal training, which means that you may end up paying twice as much or more than the gym fees).
Lifting weights is difficult because of the correct postures and forms that you must master. He will need to learn more about you, which he won’t get any additional money for. For running, he will only need to show you how to use the treadmill. If you understand what I mean, common sense can be more helpful than listening blindly to someone just because they are extra sweet.


Let’s now look at the other benefits of weight training.
Weight training has many benefits
You’ll burn calories at the gym as well as outdoors. – Scientifically, weight lifting can increase basal metabolic rate up to 24 hours after a workout. The higher metabolism means that you’ll burn more calories if you work out harder. You can burn more calories by adding strength training to your exercise program. Your body will burn almost 50 calories per pound of muscle that you gain. This reinforces joints and helps prevent injury.Decreases the rate of adult onset diabetes: – Weight training reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in later life due to increased insulin sensitivity.Strengthens joints, ligaments and tendons: – All women out there who complain of pain in joints and tendons. This reduces the risk of osteoporosis. – As we age, women are more vulnerable to bone loss and osteoporosis. Women are more at risk than men due to their lighter skeleton. After 35, bones are not built. It has been shown that strength training can increase bone density. This means that the heart doesn’t have to work as hard every day. It is also great for your lungs, which is what any exercise is.


There is no weight gain after you stop going to the gym. – Other than hormonal imbalances, people tend to quickly gain weight after stopping working out. They do nothing but burn calories and do not improve their resting metabolism. This is what weight training does for you. The time you spend in the gym is only one hour. It is not enough to do one type of exercise each day. It adds variety to your training with multiple exercises for each muscle. This is false. Weight training is something that everyone does, from swimmers to cyclists to runners. It doesn’t matter if it works for them, it will for you.

Why women must lift weights

You don’t want others to do your daily life activities. Do not want to injure yourself or pull a muscle lifting a grocery bag. After turning 40, you don’t want to have problems with your bones. After you’ve taken a break from the gym to travel with your family, don’t gain weight. You are fragile, change the way you think! (bechaari ye itna sab kahaan utha paayegi).
A friend of mine is extremely fragile. She realized what she was lacking until she attempted 18 reps using a dumbbell 2kg in weight. She now aims to do the same 18 reps while squatting using a 7-foot barbell with multiple plates loaded.

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