7 Best Skipping Ropes for India to Buy in 2022

Get a detailed review on the top 7 best skipping ropes in India.

Are you looking for an exercise that you wouldn’t want to ‘skip’? Then, skipping ropes is that exercise for you. 

Skipping ropes is the best cardio exercise as it increases the heart rate and significantly reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Exercising with skipping ropes is very effective if you are on a weight loss journey. The doesn’t require you to join any gym. You find any small corner in your room or park and you are good to go.

Skipping ropes helps with the ability to be more alert, boosts your concentration, and sharpens your memory.

Also, you don’t need any over-the-top skills for skipping ropes. All you need is a standard-sized rope of good quality, determination, and a little know-how on proper form.

Through this article, we have curated a list of the 7 best skipping ropes available in India. Now, let’s quickly ‘skip’ to that part!!

Top 7 Best skipping ropes in India to checkout

1. Boldfit Skipping Rope

Best skipping ropes in India by Boldfit

The Boldfit skipping rope is innovatively designed and provides a tangle-free experience while using.

It reduces the risk of wear and tears as the rope is braided with steel and coated with PVC.

The jumping rope also has a smooth exterior that doesn’t crack or break easily. Moreover, the handles provide an anti-slip foam and have intricate detailing that allows superior grip.

The 9.2ft long skipping rope is easily adjustable and can be used for increasing calorie consumption and improving muscle tension. 


It has anti-slip foam handles so that the rope does not fall off your hands.It has PVC embedded wire rope for durability and smoothness.It comes with a system to adjust the length and cut off the excess.It weighs around 300gms which makes it lightweight and convenient to use.It is perfect for maximum fat burn and endurance. 

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2. Inchdown Jump Rope

Inchdown Jumping rope is different from the other choices as it has a steel cable. The steel cable ensures more durability and better performance.

The rope is 5.11 inches long and has thick EVA memory foam that makes it more comfortable and complacent.

The foam handles include an anti-slip material with sweat-absorbing qualities.

This premium quality rope provides better balance and agility, increased speed and flexibility and burns calories, and develops cardiovascular health and muscle power.


This speed rope has optimally ergonomic handles.The handles are broader than the usual ones.It has an anti-dust ball-bearing system.Due to the steel cable, it offers a tangle-free experience.The rope is light in weight and can be easily carried from one place to another as per your convenience. 

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3. Aurion Jumping Rope

Best skipping ropes in India by Aurion

The skipping rope from Aurion is designed for men, women, and kids. It is made from Polyvinyl Chloride and has light-weighted handles that cause less arm fatigue.

This jumping rope helps you in performing more jumps and not miss any jump in between. In addition to that, the jumping rope glides smoothly and provides the perfect grip even when your hands are sweaty. 

These ropes can be incorporated into a circuit, specific workouts, aerobic exercises, and for athletes training in CrossFit and speed sports activities.

With more than 19,000 reviews and 3.9 ratings out of 5, this jumping rope is a steal and deserves a place in your exercise routine. 


Easily adjustable to fit any user.Ball Bearing System designed for fast speed.Lightweight to ensure more jumping sets.PVC rope for indoor use on tiled or wood flooring.Ergonomic handles with supple material for better grip.

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4. The Cube Velocity Rope

The Cube Velocity Rope is made of sturdy aluminum, capable of withstanding breakage caused due to rapid movements while skipping. 

This jumping rope offers 360-degree rotation and double ball bearings for improved force and flexibility.

These ropes are light in weight with non-slip with sweat resistance aluminum alloy handles and compact size, making them easy to store.

The design allows you to adjust the length of the rope and cut off any excess cable wires. They can be used to strengthen core muscles. 

The only downside of this jumping rope is that they are quite expensive as compared to the other options and are considered to be in the premium segment.


Gives you a perfect jumping experience with no hassle.It can be used for incredibly intense as well as leisure workouts.Provides a self-locking mechanism which can be adjusted to your desired height.Aluminum alloy handles ensure no bending or tangling.Double ball bearings amplify the force and increase the elasticity for a smooth exercise.

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5. LifeLong LLSR01 Skipping Rope

As the name suggests, these are skipping ropes that would stay with you for a lifetime.

The jumping rope is 275cm long and comes with PVC material to ensure durability and better performance. 

The plastic handles provide superior grip and provide a non-slip functionality.

These skipping ropes are light in weight and can be easily adjusted to suit your individual requirements. 


Comfortable grip gives you extra support to ease out the pressure from exercise.It doesn’t get tangled and can be stored in a bag.It’s non-slippery and durable handles ensure that it will not slip off your palm during high-intensity workouts.Due to the PVC embedded rope you can go slow or move fast and the rope doesn’t twist.It can be adapted as per your convenience to use it for different functions or activities.

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6. Strauss Skipping Rope & Jumping Rope

 Best skipping ropes in India by Strauss

The Strauss Skipping Rope & Jumping rope is yet another efficient rope that can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

This jumping rope is made from superior quality PVC material with strong and slim plastic handles. The lightweight plastic handles offer a secure grip and won’t leave your hands injured after the exercise. 

This skipping rope is 3 meters long and can be easily adjusted as per preference.

It is easily portable and can be carried to the gym, park, beach, etc. for your workout sessions.


It has slim handles which ensures steady movement.It is lightweight with a great grip and extremely convenient to carry.The smooth surface of the rope does not leave whip marks.This skipping rope is sturdy, suitable and provides an anti-slip support.It is suitable for muscle toning and fat burning.

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7. AmazonBasics Standard Jump Rope

The 110 inches long skipping rope from AmazonBasics is suitable for integrating high-intensity cardio training into any workout.

The rope uses a ball bearing system for easier and faster rotation to ensure that it doesn’t leave any whip marks.

The skipping rope includes a 186 gms heavy rope that can burn twice the number of calories and is useful for CrossFit, HIIT, aerobics, etc. exercise routines.

The handles are made of premium quality PVC material that ensures a comfortable grip and has been pilates to improve flexibility.

It works to promote endurance, stability and is suitable for weight loss and muscle toning.


The jumping rope can be used indoors as well as outdoors without the need of much space.It offers a lightweight plastic cord and ball bearing made of PVC for a comfortable and secure hold.The length of the rope can be easily adjustable to accommodate different users.The thickness is appropriate for beginners as well as for experts.It has attached cushions on the handles for a better grip.

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Here is a quick walk-through of the top 7 best skipping ropes in India in case you missed any

List of 7 best skipping ropes in India for men and women (Recap)

Best skipping ropes available online in IndiaBrandBoldfit Skipping Rope BoldfitInchdown Jump Rope InchdownAurion Jumping Rope AurionThe Cube Velocity Rope Cube ClubLifeLong LLSR01 Skipping Rope LifeLong Strauss Jumping Rope StraussAmazonBasics Standard Jump Rope AmazonBasics


Till now, you must’ve got an idea that a skipping rope is the best equipment to carry in your workout bag.

Also, the price of this equipment is also affordable and wouldn’t create a hole in your pocket while you’re trying to burn calories.

Keeping in mind certain parameters like the length of the skipping rope, its thickness, the grip of the handles, and adjustability, choose a skipping rope that suits your preference.

So, go ahead and purchase a skipping rope to amplify your workout routines and keep your calories in check.

7 Best skipping ropes in India to buy in 2022 Anubhav Kumar.

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