Best Low Carb Summer Vegetables

Best Summer Vegetables Low in Carb

Summer brings a lot of changes in clothing, footwear, and food. This season is full of many different vegetables. Vegetarian dieters are asking me repeatedly which vegetables can be eaten on a low-carb diet. Here is a list with ten of the best low-carb summer vegetables. These vegetables are not only low in carb, but they also help our bodies to handle heat better. I tried to limit the amount of vegetables that are not easily accessible and easy on the wallet.

Best Summer Vegetables Low in Carb

Best Low Carb Summer Vegetables

1. Cucumber

Cucumbers are great for summer because they are 96 per cent water and can be eaten raw. Cucumbers are ideal for summer because of their high water content.
Extra brownie points: A cup of sliced cucumbers contains only 16 calories and 4g of net carbs.

2. 2. Eggplant

A common purple vegetable that is rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants.
Extra brownie points: A cup of cooked eggplant contains only 35 calories and 7 grams of net carb.

3. Mushrooms

The immune system of the human body is improved by mushrooms. Mushrooms have attributes that are not found in meat, beans, or grains.
Extra Brownie points: Only 38 calories per 100g. Perfect for Carb Watchers: 100g mushrooms contains only 3g net carbs.

4. Tomatoes

They can be used as coolers.
Extra Brownie points: 100g tomatoes have only 18 calories and 3g net carbs.

5. Green Beans

Green beans are a great source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and bone-building vitaminK. This is also important for blood clotting. They are also rich in potassium and magnesium which helps to regulate blood pressure.
Extra brownie points: A cup of green beans contains only 44 calories and 10g of carb. It also contains approximately 4 grams of fiber.

6. Pumpkin

Pumpkin has great cooling and diuretic qualities. Because it is high in fiber, pumpkin is great for digestion and removing intestinal worms. Pumpkin is high in fiber, low in calories, and rich in nutrients that fight disease like pantothenic Acid, magnesium, vitamins C, and E.
Additional Brownie Points – 1 cup pumpkin contains 30 calories and 7 grams carbs with negligible butter.

7. Celery

Celery is a diuretic, which aids in losing excess water weight and dehydration. Celery stimulates the kidneys to flush extra fluid and waste from your body. This helps beat bloat.
Extra Brownie points: 100g contains 16 calories, 1g of net carb and negligible amounts of fat.

8. Bottle gourd

Bottle gourd is the best option for summer heat. It helps to keep acidity, flatulence and constipation under control. This gourd contains water at 96 percent. It’s extremely useful in summers, especially for those working under the scorching sun.
Extra Brownie points: Just 15 calories, less that 4g net carbs, and 0.1g fat per 100g.

9. Peppers

Peppers are anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antimicrobial.
Extra Brownie points: 100g of sliced fresh bell peppers contains about 20 calories and 3g of net carbs.

10. Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourds can be beneficial in lowering sugar levels and fighting cancer. It is a good remedy for constipation, and it can also improve blood circulation.
Extra Brownie points: 100g contains just 17 calories and 1 Net Carb.
You can’t deny that all of these vegetables are brought in by nature in the summer to boost immunity and keep the body cool and healthy. These vegetables are great for those looking to lose weight and achieve the desired results.
P.S. – Learn how to calculate net carbohydrates and net carbs for common foods.

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