Best Navratri Diet Plan

Best Navratri Detox Plan

Before I get into anything else, let me wish you all a very happy Navratri. I wish you all good health during these nine days of faith. We all need to be able invoke Devi Durga’s strength in us all to be able fight the forces both internal and external.

Here is my Navratri diet plan, which I read here. I also have a nine-day detox. For everyone, fasting during Navratri does not always have a religious significance. Many of my family members fast for these nine days to help with weight loss. Personally, I believe Navratri is a good time to detox.

Best Navratri Detox Plan

Many youngsters choose to eat only one or five meals a day during Navratri in order to detox and avoid junk food. It’s a great idea, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to eat starve. How do you detox? If you are used eating so much, then you will be prone to hunger pangs and give up midway. We have often seen people go hungry after the nine-day fast and then give up and start eating again. You know what I want to say.

What is real Detoxification?

detox water

To detox, you need to drink a lot of fluids so your body flushes out toxins. A detox means eating light, easily digestible food at regular intervals. We eat a lot of “Navratra special food” that is heavily fried and then go to bed with full stomachs. (I can recall as a child eating so many after the fast that I would throw up at night.

The right way to detox during Navratras

This is how you should eat to detox during the nine days of Navratras.

Early morning

Two glasses of warm water, with or without lime, wheatgrass or aloe verde and amla juice.


Healthy oatmeal smoothie

Mix fruit smoothie made with coconut water, green tea or green tea base and ten almonds


You can either drink one orange, an orange, or mixed fruit juice. Do not consume packaged juices, as they can ruin your detox plan.



If you aren’t afraid of salt, fruit chaat is a great option. You can also combine mixed fruits in one large bowl with a glass lemon water. This meal can be enhanced with fresh vegetable salads.


The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings green tea

Green tea with mixed dried fruits or walnuts. (Go slow when you are using figs and raisins).


Easy Pomegranate Tea Recipe For Fat Loss no 4

You can eat any whole fruit, but you should avoid bananas and cheekoo, as they are high in carb loading. You can have Pomegranate or Fruit tea.


Best Detox Diet Plan For Navratri

The Best Detox Plan for Navratri to Kickstart Healthy Weight Management

The dinner time should be between 8-9 pm. Clear vegetable soups and sauteed vegetables are both acceptable. It is a great idea to add homemade paneer to vegetables (remember, we are on a detox).

Before Bed

You can drink a little milk if you feel hungry.

A word of warning: Please continue to drink lots of water throughout your day. If you feel hungry, you can have honey in lime water and freshly squeezed juices between. Your goal is to cleanse your body with the added benefit weight loss, but don’t feel hungry. You can always add fresh salads to your snack time if you feel that you are unable to continue. You are welcome to add a cucumber here or a tomato there.

This was about Navratri detox.

This Detox Diet Plan for Navratri is what I’m going to be following. Are you with me?

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