Diabetes Diet For Indians

Diabetes Diet For Indians

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Today’s topic is DIABETES, which is a common Indian disease. Diabetes is a common condition. It is also known as type 1 and type 2. We will share the Diabetes Diet for Indians.
This link will tell you more about diabetes and how it is caused by our environment. Type 1 is due to a decreased insulin production in the pancreas, also known as juvenile diabetes. Type 2 is due to the cells not responding to insulin, also known as adult diabetic. Learn all about insulin…

GESTATIONAL DIABOLIA, which affects most women during pregnancy, is another type of diabetes. It is caused by high blood sugar levels due to hormones secreted during pregnancy. After the birth of the baby, blood sugar levels typically return to normal.
While everyone knows that diabetes is caused by insulin, very few people know how to prevent or treat it. Type 2 diabetes can be caused by obesity, poor eating habits, inactivity, and many other factors. Let me start by telling you that type 2 diabetes can be controlled and prevented with healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. Today’s article will focus on diabetes-friendly foods and health tips.
Controlling diabetes starts with controlling blood sugar levels. This can be done by eating the right food and the right amount. The Glycemic index is a key factor in controlling diabetes. High glycemic foods are those that increase blood sugar quickly, such as white sugar and Maida, or white rice, fruits juices, potato, sweets, and bread. These foods are quickly digested and absorbed into the body, increasing blood sugar. Low glycemic index foods, on the other hand release sugar slowly in the bloodstream and lead to a greater insulin response. These foods include wheat rotis and multigrain breads, ragi (oats), buckwheat and vegetables, as well as dals, whole fruits such as chicken, eggs, whole fruits, and dals.

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Consuming low-glycemic index foods will improve insulin response and control diabetes. Fiber-rich foods can help control diabetes and lower blood sugar.
Here is a sample diabetic diet.
Early Morning: 1 tsp methi seeds with water .After half an hour breakfast can be consumed which could comprise of ..>Poha/vegetable upma/oats and milk/vegetable oats dosa/methi thepla/vegetable or egg omletteWith the breakfast a glass of milk without or with 1/2 tsp sugar and one whole fruit can be eaten.Lunch:2 ragi rotis (2 parts wheat flour and 1 part ragi flour)+1 small cup dal/dahi/buttermilk +vegetables+saladEvening snackwheat bread vegetable sandwich/sukha bhel with onion tomatoes/veg soup/tea without or with 1/2 tsp sugar anddigestive biscuits/green tea withfruitsDinner: 2 ragi rotis+grilled chicken/grilled fish/dal/paneer/dahi+vegetables+saladBedtime:1 cup warm milk without or with 1/2 tsp sugar

(PS. This is just an example diet. Individual responses may differ so please exercise your discretion.

To control diabetes, it is important to drink lots of water and to exercise regularly.
Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that may or not be related to your genes. But it’s not the end of life! It can be managed by simply being aware of your diet and exercising regularly.
I hope you found this article informative. We are grateful that you read this article. For more information about Indian diabetic diet, please click here.
Live a healthy lifestyle.
Did you know that Diabetes affects the most women in their lives? Did you know that diabetes is the most prevalent lifestyle disorder in India? This Diabetes Diet for Indians can help you to manage this lifestyle problem.

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