Five Reasons Weight Loss is a Failure

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Yesterday was my long overdue regular checkup at the hospital. Every time I check my weight to record it, I feel stressed and demotivated. The weighing machine shows either the same or an increased number each time. I am really wondering where I am going wrong. I spoke with my endocrinologist about this and he helped me to understand why weight loss is so difficult despite eating well and walking.

I have two major health issues, Thyrotoxicosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Both of these diseases are autoimmune. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at the age 17 years. I was also diagnosed with RA at the age 35 years. Over the course of my fifty-five year life, I have tried many times to lose weight but only once in 2011. That was when I came across Kalli Puri’s book Confessions of an Serial Dieter and decided to try Atkins. It worked and I lost seven kilograms in a week. I cried when I saw the scale. I was so motivated to see the scale win on a daily basis, that I believed I would be able keep following the Keto diet throughout my life and remain slim. Oh my! How foolish I was to believe so. In 2016, I realized that I had lost weight over the years. I was in the dumps. I lost all motivation and never lost weight since that time.

The doctor was astonished when I told him about my weight loss journey. He also explained the most common reasons for weight gain failure. Today, I wanted to share my experiences with you in the hope that there are other women who are struggling and not seeing the scale move.

We have ignored common reasons for weight loss failure

Medical reasons

Food choices that are not correct

Inaccurate calorie calculation

Eating too frequently or not enough

Concentrate on scale victory

All those who are suffering from the same problems as me should do some self-analysis, keeping in mind the five reasons. Believe me, I did the self-analysis and discovered my reasons for weight loss failure. Continue reading if you don’t understand what the doctor is referring to.

Medical reasons

One of the many medical reasons for weight loss may be a medical issue.

Inflammation can be caused by environmental or dietary factors such as smoking, medications, air pollution, and foods such as dairy, sugar, wheat. If not addressed, inflammation can lead to cellular damage that impairs the body’s ability to function normally. Weight loss can be caused by inflammation and cellular damage. When you are under a lot of stress, comfort eating will become a habit. This can cause weight gain in the mid-section.

My doctor did not rule out thyroid for my weight gain, as reports were showing mild Tsh issues. However, I do know that my belly fat was never there, and I gained all the layers of my lower belly after I had early menopause at forty.

2. Food choices that are not correct

After much reflection, I realized that I wasn’t making the right food choices. Muesli was my favorite breakfast because I love sweets. Mango season is my favorite time of year. I was aware that I needed to reduce sugar in all forms.

3. Inaccurate calorie calculations

This is one of most difficult tasks. It doesn’t matter how meticulously one calculates calories, it is impossible not to do the right calculations. The right type of medium apple will affect the calories of a medium apple. I am from Himachal Pradesh and know that the Himachal medium apple is larger than the ones from other parts of India. How many of us would be willing to weigh each morsel, and eat the right number of calories?

4. Eating too frequently or not enough

I usually eat at 8.30 pm, and start eating around 12.30. My calorie count is greatly affected by the fact that I only eat one meal per day. I feel like I’m eating too many calories if I don’t eat my three main meals and two snacks. I don’t know if you are as keen to change this but I have to start to eat smaller portions.

5. Focus on scale victory

This is one reason I can identify and understand. People who embark on a weight loss journey or health journey are focused on the scale. We all have a goal and we work hard to reach it. We eat less, exercise more, feel weaker, cheat meals, eat too much, and cause damage to our health. Do you feel the same?

I realized that I must pay more attention to-

Eat smaller portions of fibrous foods, such as cucumbers and greens.

Let me know if there are any other reasons you feel your weight loss is not working.

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