Ghugni: Recipe, calories, protein, weight loss tips

The Ghugni is the most popular veg protein recipe. This is a delicious recipe that’s full of protein and has many health benefits.

Here’s why I’m sharing my favorite recipe, the Ghugni. Many of my readers may not know what ghugni means or how to make it. Let me share my recipe.

What is Ghugni?

Ghugni, a Indian recipe using Bengal grams, Kala chana and Indian spice is an Indian dish. You probably guessed that the ghugni recipe was high in protein.

It does contain Kalachana, which is a high-protein food that’s a favourite source of protein for vegetarians.

Let’s get to the point. I will now show you how to make Ghugni at home.

Ghugni Recipe

The Ghugni recipe list is available.

Ingredients required:

Soaked black Gram (Kalachana) – 1 cup (soaked). Tomato – 2 (chopped). Green chilli (chopped). Gram flour – 1/2 tsp Panchafforan- 1/3 teaspoon Bay leaf (tejpat)- 1Dry Red Chili – 1Coriander powder – 1/2tsp Cumin powder- 1/3tsp Red chili powder- 1/3tsp Garam masala Powder- 1/3tsp Mustard oil- 1/2tsp Salt – to taste
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GhugniPreparation Method

Add the soaked black chana into a pressure cooker. Now, heat oil in the pressure cooker. Stir well. Next, add the chopped tomatoes to the oil. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of salt and coriander powder. Finally, add the cumin powder, red pepper powder, and back chili powder to the cooker. Stir well. Then, add the amchur and turmeric powder. Stir well until all spices are well combined. Add chopped coriander leaves to the pot and heat.

Ghugni Recipe calories and protein (100g)

Below is a table listing the nutritional values for the Ghugni Recipe. These values are only estimates.

ChanaGhugni nutrition profileEstimated values(100g)Protein4.2gFat 4gCarbs16gFiber7gTotal Calories114 calories

According to the table above, 100g of Ghugni recipes have 114 calories. You get 4.2g protein, 4g fat and 16g carbs. There is also 7g fiber. It is a popular diet for weight loss. It is high in protein and other essential nutrients.

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Protein in Ghugni

100g of ghugni contains a staggering 4.2g protein, making it an ideal high-protein diet to help you lose weight, gain weight, and gain muscle.

The high protein content of chana-ghugni makes this a great diet choice for vegetarians. The ghugni is a low-protein diet food that can be used by vegetarians.

Ghugni to lose weight

Ghugni is a great diet for weight loss. It is a great source of protein that helps you to fight hunger.

Healthy food that is safe and healthy can help you lose weight. Because it is high carbohydrate, many people may be confused when they see the carb side of ghugni.

Let me assure you that every nutrient is crucial for weight loss. Ghugni can help you lose weight if your daily calorie limit is met. End-of-the-day calorie deficit matters for weight loss.

You can still get confused by the following guide about how many carbs you should consume each day in order to lose weight.

What amount of carbs should I consume daily to lose weight?

Even during my weight loss journey, I tried recipes with chana such as Tangy Kala Chana Chaat or Ghugni.

Ghugni Recipe Tips

Here are some tips and tricks to make your ghugni delicious and healthy.

Ghugni can be cooked in mustard oil, instead of oil. You can make Ghugni from mustard oil, if you don’t mind using refined oil.

I hope you enjoy the ghugni and will love to add it to your daily diet. Please leave a comment if you have any comments or questions about the recipe.

Ghugni: Weight loss tips Anubhav K.

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