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One of my best friends is driving me crazy these days. To be able to attend the festival season, she is trying to shed a few more kilos. This girl is crazy, I swear. She is fit but she is trying to lose weight just before winters begin. Her reason is that she loves winter sweets and she wants to continue to enjoy them. She asked me to suggest some diet plans in India that would help her lose weight and not compromise on taste. So I decided to share my suggestions with my blog followers and readers so they could also modify the recipes and create healthier versions.

Are there Indian diet plans that can be modified to help with weight loss?

Traditional Indian food is a better choice than any other type of diet in terms of taste. Many people, even those who don’t speak the language, are still able to enjoy the fiery taste of Indian food. The Indian diet is balanced and effective in weight loss. If you tweak the most popular Indian recipes, it can assist in your weight loss journey. When we start to see special festive meals as Indian meals that are more heavy and high in fat, the problem is compounded. You can’t gain weight by eating a simple, happy diet of spicy simple rice, rajma and chana with curd. This becomes a problem when we start to see Dal Makhni (poori sabzi), chana bhatura and kulcha choley, jalebi, and rabri, as Indian traditional food.

Let’s talk about how spicy Indian meals can help you lose weight.

Indian spices are a natural and healthy way for digestion to be good

Many spices are used in Indian cuisines. These spices are good for your health and anti-inflammatory. Turmeric is one such spice. Turmeric is a common spice that can be used to color our food and also to treat digestive problems like heartburn, bloating, and stomach ulcers. Cardamom or Illaichi is another example of such a spice. It has been proven to ease stomach and intestinal discomfort. The red and green chillies can also help to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Indian dishes are primarily prepared with fresh vegetables

Indian cuisines tend to be prepared with fresh vegetables and herbs. Curry leaves and coriander are great for flavor enhancement and vitality. A healthy digestive system can be maintained by regular consumption of high-fiber green leafy vegetables.

Indian dishes are more filling than the American diet, but they’re still satisfying.

For a moment, let’s forget about Dal Makhani or butter chicken. Instead, think of simple dal and sabzi as well as raita, curry, chutney, and chapati. Healthy Indian food includes salads, dal, curries, and vegetables. We don’t use sauces, creams, or cheeses in these recipes, as they are high in calories. Indian food has a unique flavor that is satisfies the taste buds thanks to its rich flavors of herbs and spices. A small amount can provide a satisfying and happy eating experience. This helps us to keep our calories under control.

It is possible to maintain good digestion by using buttermilk and curd as fermented foods. Healthy fermented milk curd has good bacteria and healthy microbes.

How to transform unhealthy Indian food into healthy dishes!

While I am focusing on healthy Indian food, there are also some unhealthy and addictive Indian foods. There are some changes you can make to your diet if you want to lose weight.

You can stuff paranthas with vegetables, such as cauliflower, carrots and cabbage. Paranthas can be made with tandoori or shallow-fried ingredients. It is a good idea to use less potato. If you add fresh peas to the bhaji, puriya and sabzi are great options for breakfast. Two small poori or bhaji is a great option if you have a long day ahead.

Here are some simple ways to eat well by eating mindfully and healthy. Homecooked meals are the best way for you to stay healthy and keep your weight down.

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