Obesity, Female Sexual Dysfunction

Obesity and Female Sexual Dysfunction

Obesity And Female Sexual Dysfunction

Yesterday, I watched two seasons of “Masters of Sex” on HBO. It’s no surprise that the series has won so many awards. Oh my! It was incredible, not because it’s about “sex”, but because it’s about sexual dysfunction and its treatment. It is amazing to see how this taboo topic was addressed and the questions that were raised about it. Female sexual dysfunction is one of the most important topics. Although I’d love to have seen an episode about Obesity and Female Sexual Dysfunction,

When we talk about sex, it is usually in quiet tones. The worst part about it is when it involves women. I’ve read a lot about obesity and sexuality. Every time I read, I was surprised at how little research has been done on the relationship between obesity and sexuality. Perhaps because there is an underlying misconception that obesity and homosexuality can’t coexist. People believe that only thin, attractive people can have sexual pleasure and that obese people are not eligible for many sexual opportunities. After having been away from North India for some time, I was shocked to find out that over half of Delhi NCR’s women were obese or morbidly obese when I returned to Delhi NCR last year. The second thought was, “What about their private lives?” I don’t want to be labeled a pervert for this thought, but it is clear that we need to get out of the dark shadows of whispers and talk about our physical problems.

Obesity and sexual dysfunction: The link

Obese people often have sexual problems due to their weight. Although it is well-known that obesity in males can lead to lower sexual satisfaction and erectile dysfunction, the link between obesity and female sexual dysfunction remains unclear. However, it is clear that women who are obese may have lower physical desires. This could be due to emotional or physical reasons. Because of their weight, obese women are subject to social stigmatization that can lead to discrimination or emotional cruelty.

Sexuality does not have to do with having sexual relations. It is more about women’s self-esteem and body image. People who are overweight may feel unattractive or undesirable, and they might be unable to have a relationship. The worst part is that it’s not a major problem. It is highly unlikely that any Indian woman who cannot have a perfect orgasm has ever considered visiting a specialist. They don’t because they don’t see bedroom problems as real problems.

Obesity is a complex relationship with sexuality. It is hard to determine if obesity is responsible for sexual dysfunction. You might become more overweight if you have ever had issues with the sexual act, such as being a victim of sexual abuse. Your weight problems could be caused by psychological issues that prevent you from having intimate relationships.

Female sexual dysfunction symptoms

A lack of interest or apathy in physical relations.

What does the research say?

Multiple researches led to the conclusion that:

Obese people find it difficult to have sex because of their weight.

How can you manage sexual dysfunction?


Women who want to manage their sexual dysfunction must accept that it is a personal challenge. Indian women, and those who are obese, don’t accept that they also deserve sexual satisfaction. It is part of their obesity package. They will continue to search for help and support, even if they admit it. It is crucial that women are able to understand their biological needs and work towards better sexual and emotional health.

Consult the specialist

A doctor can only screen for sexual problems and discuss this sensitive topic without emotion. Don’t be afraid to go to the specialist. For treatment to be effective, communication is key. Talk to your doctor about the truth.

Accept your body image

It is essential to learn how to accept your body, and to overcome any shame you may have about your body. It is important to recognize if sex makes one feel good about themselves. Talk to your doctor about changing your views on food and sex. This will help you overcome your sexuality issues.

Take up sexual therapy

Many sex therapy programs can be used to improve sexual communication and assertiveness.

Lose weight

It is essential to lose weight in order to improve your sexual health. Weight loss can have a positive impact on your health and self-esteem.

Reduce Carbohydrates

Research has shown that reducing carbohydrates can improve your mood and allow you to focus on what is important at the moment. You can replace them

For sexual pleasure, carbohydrates with lots non-starchy fruits and vegetables are important. Fish oils that increase blood flow, as well as protein at every meal, is also crucial.

Have confidence

You will feel more confident and relaxed if you do a take-up activity, which could be a daily brisk walk or jog that gets your heart pumping fast.

Don’t carry your baggage

Women are surrounded by strong emotions. It’s time to get rid of all the old baggage that you may be carrying. You can find a way to get rid of your emotional and psychological baggage by being aware and analytical.

The last word I will say is, “Women, please stop pitiing yourself. Sexual gratification, physical and emotional, is your right.” Talk to your doctor and get the therapy you need. You can overcome all your baggage if you are not suffering from a physical condition. Obese women can also have a fulfilling time in their bedrooms.

Are you willing to discuss sexual dysfunctions in obese women?

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