Tips & How to Lose Weight during Navratri-Diet

How to Lose Weight During Navratri

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As I did last year, I’m all set for the nine days of Navratri. This is a time when joy, reverence, fasting, feasting, and celebrations are all around. Each year we share with all of you a healthy diet plan that allows you to fast, feast, and lose weight over the nine days. This is my Navratri diet plan. I hope you enjoy the festivities and lose a few pounds with me.

Navratri Diet for Weight Loss – The Rules

Since most of us have completed the One-Week Weight Loss Challenge, it won’t be difficult to follow a Navratri weight loss plan. Follow these rules.

Navratri Weight Loss Diet Rules

1. Choose one food group you won’t be eating during the nine-day period. This decision should be made with consideration of your weaknesses. For example, I’ve decided to omit sugar, honey, and white sugar.

2. Cut down on the amount of grains to reduce your calorie intake. This means that you won’t be able to eat Kuttu Atta treats at the end the day. You can cut back on Kuttu or Singhara flour and eat more vegetables and fruits.

3. Some people believe that limiting Protein can make it easier to eat lighter meals. However, I disagree with this as Protein will help you feel fuller and more satisfied after a single meal.

4. Reduce salt intake to decrease water retention

5. You can eat a lot of fruits to increase fiber content and detoxify your digestive system. But, ‘a lot’ does not necessarily mean kilos. In everything you eat, control is key.

fried food

6. These nine days are not for fried food. Please no fried Makhane or sago-vadas, nor peanuts.

7. Only one meal should be cooked. Rest of the food should be prepared from raw foods such as fruits, vegetables and some dairy.

8. Get plenty of water. That means drinking one glass of water per hour. Warm water is best.

9. Don’t serve your guests a large thali in the evening. Instead, use a small plate and share your food. This will allow you to control the amount of food you eat.

10. Listen to your stomach. This is the last and most important rule. Stop eating when your stomach feels ‘almost full’. Do not eat the last piece of raita or veggie you have made. Refrigerate leftovers and enjoy them the next night.

If you follow these rules, you can easily lose as much as two kilos in just nine days.

Navratri Diet and Weight Loss Walk Plan

Warm water is a good way to start your day. You can add 1 tsp lemon juice if you don’t have an acidity problem.

Take a walk for half an hour in the morning. Talk to yourself about your plan to lose weight over the next nine days. It is a great way to feel more focused and determined.

After Walk

Your morning cup of coffee or tea can be made without sugar. It will taste better if you add 6 almonds to it, which can be soaked overnight.


apple milk

Mix a cup of milk with an apple and a slice of paneer. You can add some pomegranate seed to your mug for an extra kick of flavor in the early morning.

Snack 1

Mixture of watermelon, musk melon, and half a banana. Green tea with no added sweetness for energy

fruit bowl snack


100gms yogurt with one apple, a few slices of banana and a few seeds, pomegranate, or half-pear added. You can also make thick smoothies with all of these ingredients and lots of ice if you want.

Walking for 1000 steps is possible

fruit smoothie

Evening Snack

One cup of tea. You can choose from green, normal or herbal teas. Take four almonds, or one walnut, with your tea.



Make a cup of spinach soup, or any other soup you make at home. The fiber will help you feel full, so don’t strain it. A plate of steam vegetables such as cauliflower and carrots, with chopped tomatoes red and yellow peppers, and capsicum.

cucumber yogurt

100gm thick yogurt with grated cucurbit.

Remember to walk at least 20 minutes after your dinner.

Before you go to bed

Four almonds in a cup of hot milk, without sugar.

milk almonds

This means that you won’t feel hungry at any hour of the day, as you will be eating five meals a day.

Hope you lose weight during Navratri.

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